Top 10 WhatsApp Clone Script Key Features in 2022

WhatsApp is one of the most used App in this era of communication. In April 2022, WhatsApp had approximately 2.44 billion unique active users worldwide. Most of our communication is online based now. Nowadays, for many people life is hard to imagine without daily usage of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has now become a means to maintain relationships.

WhatsApp is not just an app that provides texting services. This messaging app allows users to send files, share media and location. The best feature of WhatsApp is that it allows users to keep in touch with people living in different regions around the globe, for free. WhatsApp has become one of the fastest growing platforms especially as a means for communication.


A clone app is a copy of the original app. A clone app allows users to run more than one account simultaneously without needing more devices. A clone app has the basic functions of the original app with some added beneficial features. The development of clone app requires shorter amount of time and less money. WhatsApp clone app is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs as it can be customized according to the needs of the user. 


The best clone app for WhatsApp in 2022 is “Parallel Space” which allow users to login with different accounts along with other useful features. With parallel space, it is possible to use an application more than once on the same device. As the name suggests, parallel space provides a space for different functions.


1. Voice and video calls

Talking to your loved ones even if they live in different countries is now possible with WhatsApp voice and video calls. WhatsApp calls use your phone’s internet and allow you to connect with people. Most importantly, it is free without any expensive charges. You can now have face-to-face conversations at times when voice or text messages are not enough. 

2. End to end encryption

People use WhatsApp to share their personal moments and end to end encryption is one of the key security features of WhatsApp. This feature ensures that the user’s personal information is secure. Data is only accessible to people the user wants to share it with. It prevents the leakage of data and protects the privacy of the user. 

3. Voice messages

Life often presents itself with certain situations where typing is not the fastest way to get your message across. In those moments, your voice says it all. WhatsApp voice messages can be recorded with just one tap. WhatsApp now has a feature that allows the user to change the playback speed of voice messages. Voice messages are time saving and especially helpful when user wants to share a long story.

4. Sharing media, files and location

You can now share pdfs, photos, videos, documents and slideshows without the hassle of file sharing apps. With WhatsApp you can share photos and videos even with a slow connection. WhatsApp lets you share your live location with your friends and family to ensure them you have safely reached your destination. You can also send documents up to 100MB

5. Group chats

Group chats keep you in touch with people that matter the most, especially your family and friends. With group chats, you can share videos, photos and messages with more than 200 people at once. Group chats allow faster communication. You can use group chats to reach out to your clients and targeted market. 

6. Mute chats and groups

Too many unwanted messages from a group or contact can be muted. You will still receive the messages without getting notified. Users can now choose the notifications they recieve. Too many notifications can distract you and muting notifications help you overcome that. 

7. Dark mode

Using WhatsApp in dark mode changes the bright colors to subtle shades that are more pleasing to look at. This makes WhatsApp more comfortable to use especially at night. Our devices emit light which can be reduced to a certain extent by using the dark mode. Battery can also be saved on dark mode.

8. Delete For Everyone

WhatsApp introduced “delete for everyone” feature that allow you to delete miscommunicated text messages. It is one of the most useful features as it saves you from the embarrassment if you have accidently sent a wrong message. Using this feature, you can delete photos, videos and messages. 

9. One time view

With WhatsApp one time view, you can now share photos and videos that can be viewed only once. The images and videos shared using One time view feature won’t be saved in recipient’s phone. It is not possible to forward, share or star media shared by using one time view.

10. Blocking

Blocking is the easiest way to get yourself out of situation and remove yourself from a person’s life. Blocking someone on WhatsApp means that the person can no longer contact you. Your status, last seen and profile picture is no longer visible to the contact you block. You can block a person without them finding out they’re blocked.


WhatsApp clone app can give you a lot of benefits. As an entrepreneur, it’s time to make profits with your own WhatsApp clone app.  Without any further delay, get your WhatsApp clone script packed with advanced features and flourish in your business.