What Is RSS Feed Reader And Why Is It Important?

What Is RSS Feed Reader and Why Is It Important

With so much happening around the world and the digital world, sometimes if not most of the time it gets really hard to keep up. Tons of content are being released daily and going through it proves to be a really hard job. Now how do people search all of this stuff? Some go through their trusty search engines, others visit the websites but let me share a valuable secret with you today, the best way to go through it all would be the RSS Feed Reader. It may be old-school but it definitely gets the job done and with utmost precision.

RSS is a very simple but important concept to understand, but it is something that intimidates many of us getting started with SEO and web searches. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will know what an RSS Feed is and why is it so important.

What Is An RSS Feed Reader?

Let’s start with the basics over here, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, Syndication means sharing or transferring. It’s basically called this because it’s a feed from websites that makes indication or sharing really simple. For example, there is an informative website that you absolutely love right, let’s say entrepreneur.com or IGN.com. Every article that they publish to their website is one you definitely want to read and even share it with your friends on social media or any other platform. Now instead of visiting their website every day to check what new articles they have posted, you can subscribe to the RSS Feed from their website and be notified whenever they post something new.

 Now there are some softwares which are made for following RSS Feeds and we call them RSS Feed Reader apps. Majority of the RSS Feed Readers out there work in a familiar manner, you give the reader a list of feeds that you have in mind and in return, you will get posts. The openness and accessibility of the RSS Feed are really friendly over here, seeing the range and familiarity of RSS Feed Reader, developers have also released an RSS Reader which comes in extra handy.

The Feed Reader is very customizable and you can test it out in any manner, varying on the type of content you desire and are following, be it blogs, news articles, gaming news you might want images and a specific type of layout to go with it, and if it is work-related information you need then images won’t matter here and you would be looking for the density of the information. What I am trying to say over here is that there is an option for almost everything.

Seeing the technological advancement these days, there are a lot of ways to get notifications. Let us take mobiles, for example, there are push notifications from your favourite apps and email-notifications. Same is the scenario when it comes to desktops, you get push notifications, email ones, but also web extensions and websites which send you notifications. You can customize and configure these notifications too, may it be vibrations or sticky notifications, and there are a lot of options on the table.

If you are interested in getting yourself an RSS Feed Reader I have some of the best options for you:

·         Feedreader: It’s a very simple and minimized reader which makes collection easy with basic categories and some of the most amazing accessible tools. It also has a great preview option to show you the posts that you have selected.

·    ContentStudio: ContentStudio is an amazing tool which can be used for small and large businesses. Well, it has a really nice and simple interface (Really User-Friendly) you can easily collect feeds from almost everywhere.

·         Flipboard: Flipboard is known especially for its gorgeous design on mobile platforms. If you want a more organic-like structure then do go for Flipboard. 

Why Is RSS Feed Useful?

Well to be short and really precise over here, RSS Feed benefits both subscribers and content owners.

Content owners don’t have to do anything in order to have their content distributed to audiences, once someone signs up for your feed, content is automatically distributed when you hit the publish button.

Subscribers can ask to have all their favourite blog and news sites content delivered to one place – your email inbox or personal feed reader. You no longer have to visit your favourite websites to find out if anything new has been published. Just go to your reader and scan the headlines, see it really is that much easy.

. They make it easy to scan, sort, categorize, tag, save, delete, and/or share content, all in one place. Many of today’s readers let you access content with or without an Internet connection, and that’s a huge benefit for those who are on the road a lot.