What is Mobile Phone Jammer

Mobile Phone Jammer

Cell phone jammers have become popular because so many people use their cell phones. Cell phone jammers are often illegal and black-market devices.

A cell phone jammer is the best choice for people who are fed up with hearing cell phone conversations and being constantly interrupted by ringtones.

How cell phone jammers work

Cell phone jammers (Brouilleur Telephone) operate the same way as radio jammers, sending out high-power radio frequencies on which cell phones work. This creates enough interference to prevent a call from connecting with your phone. Jammers are like building a wall between your phone and the nearby cell tower. This wall can prevent transmission on both sides. Here’s the example to give you a quick understanding.

There are currently two types of cell phone jammers. The first is usually smaller and blocks signals from individual cell phones to cell towers. The frequency that is blocked can be anywhere from 800MHz to 1900MHz. And that frequency range has covered most smart devices today. It can block signals up to 30 feet away.

The second type is larger and more powerful. They block the transmission of a cell phone signal from the satellite to the tower. Some models can block cell phone transmissions up to 5 miles away. These cell phone jammers were designed for military purposes.

It is worth noticing that using a jammer is illegal in the United States. Some countries in the EU, like France, partially allow the jammer to be used. Some places in France, like theaters, hospitals, and prisons, can block the cell phone signal when needed. Source: brouilleurdonde.com

Buyer’s guide of signal jammers

If you are going to buy yourself a jammer, here are some important concepts that can help you make better decisions.

The jamming coverage

Also known as the jamming range. It’s the distance a jammer can be jammed at maximum. The coverage can range from 10 to 100 meters. The ranges depend on the output power of the jammer. And it’s worth noting that the higher the output power, the shorter the battery life cycle.

Desktop or portable

Here are the differences between desktop and portable jammers:

  • Desktop: Heavy but powerful. Suitable for indoor usage.
  • Portable: Lightweight but can’t jam longer than 40 meters. Best for outdoor usage.

There is no one better than others. It all depends on how you are going to use it. If you want to put the jammer in your home or office or anywhere you won’t move it frequently, you should go for a desktop jammer. They are powerful to block multiple channels from cell phones to Wifi signals. Some models come with a remote control feature so you can turn it on or off with a tiny controller.

For portable jammers, most people love their lightweight feature. It’s very easy to carry. And since they are small, you can put them in your car and use them outdoors. But you can’t expect the higher output power as a desktop jammer.

Lastly, don’t forget to check your country’s regulations before using the jammers.