What are the Best MLM Business Software and Its functions?

MLM software is multi level marketing software which is an affiliate marketing management tool. Using MLM software, an admin of the enterprise can manage a network, its users (other employees), and compensation plan. The software provides end users (employees/ agents associated with the business) to access their network status, income and manages their payouts and referrals.

MLM software helps enterprises keep their employees and associates in a single loop/ network, communicate with them, track the sales, and share the required information with ease. Many companies provide MLM software for enterprises to integrate and use as a part of their business system.

It is no surprise that one software does not suit the requirements of all enterprises. Though the software has been designed keeping in mind the various business needs, enterprises will always want to make changes and customize the software.

The best MLM business software has the following features and uses, which include multi-level customization and various integrations.

  • Automatic Payment Processing
    • This is one of the most important features any MLM software should have.
    • For any enterprise, payment processing is a crucial part of the business and having a simple, effective, and secure platform that processes payments without errors is definitely a blessing.
    • Having a secure authentication system that follows the two-factor verification and allows adding a captcha system for additional security will be an advantage.
    • An in-built e-wallet will enable the MLM software to store e-money in the most secure and reliable method.
    • Existing payment gateways such as PayPal, e-pin, e-wallet, etc. can also be integrated into the MLM business software.
  • E-commerce Integrations
    • The MLM software has core modules that make e-commerce integration easier and efficient.
    • Enterprises can either opt for integration with the existing e-commerce modules or build one from scratch to fit the specifications of the business.
    • Opencart Development
      • Opencart is one of the most flexible and popular e-commerce systems in the market. It is free to use, though there might be some complexities when it comes to customizing.
      • Companies that provide the MLM software have experts who can customize opencart for the businesses.
      • Developing and integrating new custom themes, changing default modules, debugging the existing opencart system, testing the store stress capacity are some of the services provided by the companies.
      • Custom eCommerce Store Development
      • Support and upkeep Services
      • Open Cart Module Development  and customization
      • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Magneto Development
      • Magneto e-commerce system is one of the most popular open source software with a 25% market share.
      • Magneto offers a lot of features and scope to customize it for fully optimized effectiveness.
      • Protection from website crashes, fully monitored feature integrations, etc. services like mobile commerce, catalog management, marketing tool and analytical tools integration, are provided.
      • Flexibility to select Hosting Service
      • 24*7 Support
      • Bespoke Modules
      • Secure shopping
      • Decreased operation charges
  • Support / Ticket system
    • The ability to provide comprehensive customer support is an important factor.
    • The best MLM business software can be integrated with a centralized support system that can handle queries through tickets, forums, and voice calls.
    • The tickets can be organized as per importance and has a set of predefined solutions and answers to FAQs.
    • The support system can also include features like email notifications, file attachments, multi-language support, Spam prevention, etc.
  • Website Replication
    • This add-on feature allows all members in the network to have their own website.
    • It will help in promoting the business at a bigger level and helps enterprises expand their roots in the market.
  • Multilingual Support
    • Software is only useful if it can be used throughout the world.
    • MLM software can be customized to support various languages from all parts of the globe.
    • This will help enterprises in using their language as a default system language. Text in other languages can be translated and read.
  • Multi Currency System
    • Similar to multilingual support, multiple currencies can also be supported by the software.
    • By setting the currency changing options in the software, enterprises can ensure that users and clients can see the rates in their local currencies.
  • E-wallet
    • E-wallet is a cloud-based storage system where the data of users is stored for future use.
    • This enables users to make payments without entering the required details every time.
    • The virtual accounts allow users to make transactions through a secure and reliable framework.
  • Support Plans
    • MLM Binary Plan, MLM Matrix Plan, MLM Uni-level Plan, MLM Board Plan, MLM Generation Plan, MLM Australian Binary Plan, MLM Gift Plan, MLM Party Plan, MLM Stair Step Plan are some of the support plans provided by the companies.
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