Wedding Décor Ideas Inspired by Wine Barrels

Wine barrels are the perfect choice to complement any rustic or outdoor wedding décor, especially when you are going for a country chic flair. The wine barrels work beautifully as tables, centerpieces in the venue, candle stands, serving trays and also gives a cool look to the cocktail bar too. The wine barrels are also attaining popularity as cake tables, dessert buffet, place cards, wedding card stand, candle stands, flowers and flower pots etc. wine barrels can be a great décor object for vineyard weddings too. Nowadays wine barrels are becoming a big part of the outdoor barn wedding, here are some inspirational ideas to décor your barn in a unique vintage style:

Wedding aisle

Wedding Décor Ideas

Decorate the wedding aisle ceremony with the wine barrels covered with flowers and also place the barrels on the wedding runner. You can beautify the barrels using ribbons, flowers and the twigs or branches as centerpieces.

Flower pot & centerpieces

Decorate the garden area with tiny flower pots and wine barrels. Surround wine barrel with these flower pots to use these as centerpieces for the venue.

Wedding cake & cookie table

Place the wedding cake on the wooden barrel, it will provide a pure rustic look to your wedding ceremony. You can make a beautiful table using two or three wedding barrels to place a cookie & milk bar in the ceremony.

Candle & lamp stand

You can enlighten the garden area by placing candles on the wooden barrels in a sequence. The gleam of candlelight will definitely enhance the beauty of the wedding eve.

Table décor

The wedding barrels can be used to show the place cards too. You can décor the table numbers over it to guide the guests about seating details.

Seating chart

Write down the seating chart on the wooden board and then place that board on the wooden barrels. To give the extraordinary & attractive look you can also decorate the wooden board with greenery and colorful flowers.

Entrance of the wedding venue

You can quote the lovely messages for the couple as well as the guests to make the wedding entry memorable.

Time for cocktail hour

No wedding is complete without the cocktail, drinks, and champagne. You can use the wedding barrels as the cocktail bar table, you can also fill the wine barrel with wine or drinks. This arrangement will turn your guest crazy.

Guestbook holder

Decorate a wine barrel beautifully and place a wooden rack filled with the blank cards in the garden area. this will act as the guest book.

Now you must be wondering to use these ideas somewhere in your or your loved one’s marriage.