4 Ways To Stop Cyber Crime From Damaging Your Business

Cyber Crime From Damaging Your Business

You bought the best door lock for your store. installed security cameras too. You assessed the background and personality of the people you hire. did all these precautionary measures to prevent crimes from wiping out your business. But how come are you not investing in high-quality web hosting security features and even antivirus programs on your computers?

Not all thieves come disguised in black face masks when breaking into your physical property to steal. In today’s digital-based era, thieves can rob your business’ important information effortlessly while holding a laptop.

Cybercrime is the name of the game. Cyber criminals break and enter electronically to steal financial information of your business or your customers, deny service to your company website, or install a virus designed to monitor your business’ online activities.

If you’re a new business owner, it’s understandable that cybercrime is probably not one of your major concerns but it should be. You use computers and internet connectivity for your day to day operations. You use digital platforms like social media and company websites to advertise your business, gain popularity, and interact with consumers. With the increasing number of cybercrime cases, it’s a must to hype up your protection.

1. Implement mandatory security policies

Employees could be the biggest threat to your business. While your staff may not be directly involved in the criminal activities, they can be the gateway through which hackers can access your information.

Educate employees

If you have employees who use computers and mobile devices for work, advise them to be more careful when connected online.

  • They should have stronger, more complex passwords on their files, computers, and online accounts.
  • should not open e-mails with attachments from unknown sources.
  • They should also refrain from connecting to public networks, like coffee shops and places with free wifi when accessing restricted information.

Restrict access to sensitive information

If all your sensitive information about your business can be accessed by everyone in the company, then it’s a good recipe for vulnerability. Allow only a few people to access such critical information to eliminate the chances of exposure to unauthorized individuals with devious intent.

Cyber Crime From Damaging Your Business

2. Protect the computers

Give your computer systems the best protection available.

Install antivirus programs

Viruses can easily destroy the computers’ immunity, making them defenseless to external attacks. Install the latest antivirus software available and make sure they are updated on a regular basis.

Install firewalls

A firewall is like a security guard in a building. It is a network security system that monitors and controls outgoing and incoming network traffic and is designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network,

Upgrade the operating system

The OS on your computer is responsible for controlling all the activities in those systems, such as the private and sensitive information you store. Latest versions are always provided with the most potent protection against cyber attacks.

3. Have a cyber attack response plan in place

The steps above are enough to give you peace of mind. But if you’re still a bit paranoid that hackers will detect a loophole in your system and take advantage of it, it’s a must to be prepared for a possible intrusion

Regularly back up information

Your files and other resources are the backbones of your business, and data loss through invasion is one easy way for it to collapse. Make sure all data is backed up regularly to a secure site.

Install intrusion detection system

When a hacker tries to make his way into your system, it’s called an intrusion. A good network intrusion detection system identifies the presence of security threats and attacks real-time and will notify you immediately when your system is breached. They also take measure to tackle the attack.

4. Hire a Security Expert

Cyber Crime From Damaging Your Business

Cybersecurity is not merely an IT concern – it’s become a business concern. A security expert can identify the risks and close security loopholes before problems materialize. It is his/her job to routinely check your systems for potential risks and prevent them.

Brick and mortar businesses hire security guards who are professionally trained to act upon criminal activities. Likewise, if your business expands in operations, making it prone to cybersecurity risks, then it’s a smart investment to hire a security expert.

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