Unknown Facts about Appealing Black Forest Cakes

The mouthwatering black forest cake is one of the world’s most eminent cake recipes. This divine tasted pastry is made with two to four layers of chocolate sponge cakes dressed with the out-and-out amount of maraschino cherry schnapps flavored whipped cream on every layer of it. Sprinkled maraschino cherries on the top and the crushed chocolate garnish bestow a perfect look and awesome savory delight in every bite. 

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This marvelous concoction makes it the absolute celebration cake for every occasion such as birthday, anniversaries, and so on. From now on, whenever you will send flowers to Gurgaon, don’t forget to order a black forest cake with it for your loved one. Read further to know the derivations and the gradual alterations of the popular black forest cake.


The pastry was not originally named black forest when the recipe was first invented. The Kirschwasser, a kind of liquor prepared with Germany’s popular sour cherries, mixed with whipped cream for the preparation of the cake. According to the historians, a German confectioner invented the formula of integrating the Kirschwasser with chocolates to form cookies in the 16th century.

The cake topping resembles the Bollenhut, a traditional women’s black dress with red pompoms, in the Black Forest province. As per some other sources, the name was inspired by that dress. 

Another belief is that the name emerged from the cherry trees found in the Black Forest.

The history regarding its invention is very controversial but the majority of sources state, a German chef Josef Keller, worked at café Ahrend presently known as Agner, first invented the Schwarzwälder Kirschwasser in Bad Godesberg, popularly known as black forest cake in 1915.

Again, it is claimed that it was first conceptualized and prepared by Erwin Hildenbrand, and it started gaining popularity after 1930.

Though originated in Germany, it is a traditional recipe of Switzerland, Australia, and Italy. Although the appearance of the pastry is almost the same, yet you will find the variation in the ingredients they use. The specialty of the cake, the use of Kirschwasser is altered by rum in these countries. Also, they use dark wild cherries, which taste slightly sour.

Some Fascinating Facts about the Black Forest Cake

 Black Forest Cake

Here are some more interesting facts about the cake, which will leave you astonished.

  • The name of the cake popularly called as black forest cake, which is the English name of Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser in German regional language, was given by the United States. ‘Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser’ means black forest cherry torte cake. It is called ‘black forest gateau’ in British English. The word Schwarzwalder is inspired by the darkness and loneliness of the Black Forest.
  • The pastry has become so popular globally that every year on 28th March National Black Forest Cake Day is celebrated in the United States. However, the history behind this celebration is not known.
  • World’s largest black forest cake was made on 16th July 2006 of about 3000kgs of weight in Germany. This was made by K&D bakery in Europa Park, Germany. It covered a space of around 80sq meters. 
  • The recipe was first used for preparing desserts. Later on, there are various types of cherries used to prepare the cake in various regions, but the authentic pastry was made with the cherries grown in the Black Forest. Until now, many of the confectioneries in Germany prepare this cake with Maraschino cherries.

Variety of Black Forest Cakes to Enjoy

Today you can customize the black forest cake as per your preference. 

Eggless Black Forest Cake

Are you a vegetarian? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy this delicious pastry ordering its eggless version. You can relish the same taste and flavor as the authentic ones.

Personalized Black Forest Cake

Whenever you like to have, a photo cake for celebrating your birthday or anniversary you can personalize the cake from any cake artist printing your lovely picture on it enjoying your favorite flavored cake. Bloomsvilla promises to make your day special.


Don’t have any celebration? Do you still want to savor the black forest cake? Now your favorite black forest cake is available in the form of cupcake also. Therefore, you can enjoy it without sparing a significant amount.

When you frenziedly desire to have a mouthful bite of the luscious black forest cake, there is no need to wait for any special occasion, move into your nearest cake shop or place an order online to get it even sooner.