Types of Weighing Machines

Weighing machines are a part of various businesses. Many businesses need weighing machines for weighing their products or different items. Hospitals, pharmacies, food businesses, supermarkets, factories, and industries make use of weighing machine to measure the weight of different products.

There are a variety of weighing machines available for various purposes. For example, there is a weighing machine for measuring small gold items, and there are giant machines for measuring the weight of an automobile. Let us check various types of weighing machines available for weighing products.

Earlier there were only mechanical weighing machines, but now mostly the digital devices are used for weighing purposes in businesses and industries.

Mechanical weighing scales

These are also called as analog scales, and many businesses still use them to measure the weight of heavy items. They are much different from digital scales and are even cheaper. They have small spring-like levers and loadpins that can affect the accuracy of measurements of weight.

Digital weighing scales

All the digital weighing scales show the readings in digital format and need battery for their operation. They have electronic components and a microprocessor that produces the results. Although digital scales are expensive than mechanical scales, they provide accurate results that make them highly popular.

As most businesses and industries use digital scales due to their accurate results, let us check various types of digital weighing machines available.

Kitchen scale


The kitchen scales are weighing machines that can measure from 1 gram to 5 kg of weight. Food businesses like bakery stores, shops, kitchens, restaurants, and food stores use these machines for measuring food items or ingredients. Some kitchen scales also have the option to set the type of units like grams, kg, oz, etc.

Jewelry scale

Jewelry businesses need weighing machines to measure the weight of small items and bars. Usually, they need it to measure the weight of gold, silver, and platinum bars and jewelry. These scales can measure the weight of items as small as 0.01 gram. Jewelers can use them to measure the weight of small and large jewels. They also need them to measure gold and silver in the form of bars.

Analytical balance

An analytical balance is a unique type of scale, also called as slab balance. It is used to measure the weight of items in a tiny and precise sub-milligram scale. The balance is enclosed in the glass walls so that the air and dust particles do not disturb or affect its operation. The weighing range lies between 0.01 mg and 0.1 mg.  Analytical balance can easily detect even tiny variations in mass. Usually, the labs and scientists use it to measure the weights of small things.

Bench Scales

Bench weighing scale is a machine that can measure the weight of a variety of items. These machines are used in businesses and industries for different products. Stores, stockists, and distributors use them for weighing any items and products they deal in. They are compact, lightweight, and economical for commercial use. Also, you can use them on AC as well as battery.

Floor Scales


Floor scales are for industrial and commercial purposes. They are made to measure the weight of heavy items in businesses and industries. Stockists, factories, and industries use floor scales to place and estimate the weight of an object or package. These scales come with wheels making it easy for users to move it from one place to another on a floor. 

Bagging scale

These are a unique type of weighing machine used for measuring the weight of sugar, grains, and rice in industries. Factories and businesses use a bagging scale to measure grains in bulk quantities. There are various types of bragging scales that work on gross weight and net weight functionality.

Truck wheel loading scales

The truck wheel loading scales are useful to measure the weight of loaded and unloaded vehicles. All the users need is to park the car on the scale, and it measures the accurate weight of the same. The truck wheel loading scales also store the estimated weights in its memory.

Animal Scales

Like humans, sometimes we need to measure the weight of animals. As we all want to keep our pets healthy, we should measure their weight from time to time. The animal scales are found in the veterinary clinics and the businesses in pet fitness activities. People who are in a business of buying and selling pets use the animal scales to measure their weight.

Counting Scales

There were times when humans used to make a lot of errors in counting the things due to lack of attention and observation. The invention of counting scales overcame all such problems of mistakes in counting. People spend a lot to time in counting small things that can lead to errors. Counting scales can save a lot of time and money, both of which are important for businesses and industries.

Crane Scales

Factories and industries need to measure heavy loads like stocks and packages. Crane scales are an ideal solution to measure any items and loads.  They can measure a weight of up to 200t and come in a variety of manual and digital machines. These crane scales provide a quick, accurate, and efficient weighing solution for large objects use for forklifts and industrial use.

Retail scale

Retail scales are weighing machines used in shops, bakeries, grocery stores, and food businesses that sell products to the end customers. These businesses use a retail scale for weighing products, computing price, and billing of items accurately. You can sell these scales in supermarkets, shops, and stores that sell products.

Final Words

These are some types of weighing scales used by different businesses and industries. Most of these scales make use of loadpins that sense the force of weight applied to them that helps in measuring the weight of an object. Almost every business uses some weighing scales for measuring the weight of products in which they deal. These weighing scales make the measurement of weight easier and convenient that saves time and effort.