Types of Security Doors and Door Security Systems

In ancient days, the purpose of having a door was to restrict unauthorized entry, and to prevent noise and other disturbances. Now, security doors are used to prevent invasion and to protect the valuable belongings from theft.

There are doors that are not equipped with any lock and are by using steel locks.But to increase the security you can go forhigh security doors. The security is further enhanced by various factors time to time and modernization. Security doors these days are enhanced by using modern methodology and futuristic features.

Door Security Systems

Types of security doors

 Modern day security doors are usually built using cast iron to provide additional strength and support to the doors. These doors are further accompanied by strong security mechanisms like triple headed locks and much more. Some of the major types are discussed below.

1. Roller shutter

 Roller shutters are one of the commonly used Security doors which are used mainly in industrial areas and shops. The shutter can be rolled up and rolled down whenever required. The bottom of the shutter is equipped with lock which can be used to lock and attach the shutter with the ground which makes it sturdy and strong.

2. Personnel doors

 Personnel doors are used in big companies and industries. These types of doors can be accessed only by the personnel Belong to the Company or industry. The personnel doors can be accessed from both sides and these are available in any different sizes to cater to the needs of individuals.

3. Sectional doors

 Sectional doors are used commonly at residential properties. The two doors fixed at the opposite sides can be moved to and from. The doors can be locked by adjoining together and placing a lock over it. These types of doors are cost effective and can be maintained easily.

Door Security Systems

Types of door security systems

There are some certain types of door security systems. They are as follows.

1. Card Readers

Card readers are one of the popularly used door security mechanisms. The cards should be swiped to get access into the door. Generally, card readers are made of two different methodologies one is bar code and the other one is magnetic strip.

The magnetic strip cards should be swiped over the stripping machine attached with the door. The process is bit slow but offers better security. In the bar code method there is no need to stripe the card. Showing the card over the bar code reader is enough. Bar code readers are faster than the magnetic strip.

2. Keypad access

Keypad access is also a very popular door security mechanism. A private security number will be provided to each user who needs to access the door. The door can be opened only by entering the correct pin number. If the user enters the wrong number, the access will be restricted.

3. Radio transmissions

Radio transmission methodologies are used in car garages where the transmission signals to open or close the door will be transmitted through radio signals using buttons or other possible ways.

4. Face detectors

Face detection methodologies are very popular these days. The entire system will register the faces and the face dimensions of the authorized personnel and when they try to access the door their face gets verified by the camera attached to scan. This is how the face detecting system functions.

5. Voice detectors

Voice detectors are also very common which gives better security than the face detectors as the voices are unique than the facial similarities. The voices and accessing methodologies are prerecorded in the system and without fulfilling the required criteria one cannot access the door.