Trends that will dominate digital marketing in 2019

The power of digital marketing can no more be ignored. It is here to stay and businesses need it for growth. Innovative, targeted and result oriented marketing techniques boost not only sales but help establish a brand. Little have we noticed that the digital platform has grown into the largest space where millions of people have their presence, interact and do business. In such a vast ‘Cyberspace’ businesses should not only practice best digital marketing but need to understand where it is to be done for maximum impact. This is the direction digital marketing is headed, taking the brand to where its audience are.

Standing at the beginning of 2019, we have had experts speculate different trends and how would reshape the digital marketing landscape. Some of these trends may be temporary but some of them may certainly shape the way businesses market themselves in future. Here is a quick breakdown of the top trends that we feel will dominate the digital marketing front this year.


Omnichannel approach can simply be termed as a holistic approach to marketing. As advanced technology gets more and more integrated into our personal life, audience desire for the same experience irrespective of the device they use. This will certainly be the approach of many of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi will be adopting. Instead of having varied website designs or marketing campaign structure for desktop, mobile device, smart watches and so on, now a uniform experience will be served on all the platforms. Using this multi channel experience, brands can be visible to more audience than ever before offering them the same excellent quality. .

Video content is ever evolving:

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Videos have been the winners in digital marketing for quite a while now. Do you know that a total of 73% of Americans engage with Youtube on a daily basis. Video consumption is enormous around the world and it will continue to increase in future. The beauty of this content format is that it evolves with changing trend. What was mainly used for entertainment is now being used by top Digital Marketing Company in Delhi for education, brand building, product launch, customer engagement and what not. If a video can excite the viewers and more them to action, it is winner. Research shows that compared to email, a video boosts engagement by 200-300% and has 80% more lead generating capacity. Live videos and story videos on social channels will emphasise more on originality. Marketers can leverage this content innovatively for their clients.

Unique approach to optimise voice search:

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As weird as it sounds, we love ‘talking’ to our devices. Going forward, this interaction will certainly increase not only in volume but in complexity as well. Commanding Siri or Alexa to search for certain information is both easy and exciting. Digital marketers can tap into this highly potential segment and establish their clients brands. But standard SEO techniques will not work while optimizing voice search. One needs to make their meta description more suitable for being read aloud. Similarly, Digital Marketing Company in Delhi should analyse which are the keywords their customers use during voice search and incorporate them into content optimization.

Chatbots are widely accepted

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2017-18 saw many businesses incorporating chatbots into their websites. This certainly proves that business owners have realise the potential of this tool. We can expect the presence of chatbots becoming more commonplace in 2019. Aided by AI, advanced chatbots can have a sense of humor, interact in a more human like manner with customers and customise content according to queries. Not only websites, chatbots can be integrated into social platforms and messenger apps too. Research shows that more than 50% of the users prefer using chat as their primary mode of communication. Experts say that by 2025, 80% of the business communication may well be done using chatbots.

Augmented Reality (AR) helps reinvent customer experience:

Augmented Reality is a way of layering virtual reality over actual reality using a hand held device. AR is completely generated and meant to deliver more information or experience. We have already see the potential AR holds to engage users. Brands like Starbucks, Volkswagen and Nivea have already experimented with AR and seen it do great things for their brand. It is about time digital marketers incorporate this trend into their strategies on a large scale. AR can be effectively used for marketing in a vast array of industries like Real estate, education, hospitality, interior decors, construction and engineering, fashion and many more.

Digital marketing is a very fluid landscape and we believe that these trends have the potential to reshape the future of marketing in a better and more productive manner.