Top Solution: Convert Single/Multiple Thunderbird Profile Emails into Outlook


Are you trying to find a way to convert emails from Thunderbird to Outlook? You’re on the correct track if your response is in the affirmative. The finest ways to import Thunderbird files into Outlook will be provided in this blog. Additionally, we will also go over the Thunderbird Backup Tool if you’re looking for a quick and automatic option.

Therefore, let’s quickly review the two email clients—Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird—before getting started with the approaches.

A Brief Synopsis of Outlook and Thunderbird

The Mozilla Foundation created Mozilla Thunderbird, a free and open-source desktop email client. It supports many identities inside accounts and can handle several newsgroups, newsfeed accounts, and emails.

However, among the most widely used email programs included with the Microsoft Office suite is Microsoft Outlook. It keeps information in PST file format, which is a personal storage table. Converting Thunderbird to Outlook is preferred by many people since it provides several sophisticated capabilities.

Advantages of Converting Thunderbird into Microsoft Outlook

  • Converting Thunderbird to Outlook offers several miracles. They contain:
  • Providing password-protected email encoding assistance to prevent hackers and spammers.
  • Offering compatibility with the calendaring segment in Outlook.
  • Supporting numerous terminologies.
  • Including a function in Outlook that prevents spam.
  • Allowing users to access previously downloaded emails even without internet access.

Techniques for Outlook Thunderbird Import

We’ll go over all three of the methods in detail for importing Thunderbird mail into Outlook. While the first two solutions are manual, the third approach is expert.

Technique 1: By utilizing the Drag-and-Drop Interface

The Thunderbird emails are converted into EML files by dragging and dropping them. It can be loaded into Outlook later on.

Step 1: Export emails from Thunderbird into an EML file.

  • Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird program first.
  • After that, select the mailbox folder you wish to convert to Microsoft Outlook.
  • A user can choose to choose a certain message or the complete message, depending on their needs.
  • Select the message with a right-click, then choose Save as.
  • Click Save after selecting the folder.

Second Step: Integrate EML files into Outlook.

  • Locate the EML file and launch Outlook first.
  • In Microsoft Outlook, drag and drop the EML file.

Method 2: Open Outlook and Import Thunderbird. Using IMAP

Let’s talk about an additional approach for importing Thunderbird mail into Outlook. There are four steps to this procedure, which are listed below:

Turn on Gmail’s IMAP feature.

  • Open Gmail and sign in.
  • Next, choose See All Settings by clicking on the Setting option.
  • Click POP/IMAP Forwarding now, choose Enable IMAP, then click Save.

Link Thunderbird and Gmail

  • To access the account settings, navigate to Tools > Thunderbird.
  • Next, choose Account Actions > Mail Account Add.
  • Enter your password and Gmail ID, as necessary.
  • Select IMAP, then click “Done.”

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Move Emails from Thunderbird to a Gmail Account

  • Launch Thunderbird and sign in using your Gmail credentials.
  • Make a new folder and give it a name.
  • Select the Thunderbird emails you want to move over.
  • It is possible to drag & drop emails into the new folder.

Gmail to Outlook Email Transfers

  • Launch Outlook, then select File > Add Account.
  • Enter your Gmail ID, then click “Continue.”
  • Enter the password for your Gmail account now, then click Proceed.
  • Hit Done after selecting IMAP.

Constraints of Manual Thunderbird Email Import into Outlook Solutions

There are several restrictions with the manual method of switching Thunderbird to Outlook, such as:

  • There is a chance that data damage or loss will occur.
  • It might not guarantee a fully successful migration.
  • During a migration, the data hierarchy is not preserved.
  • For users who are not technical, it is somewhat complicated.

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Closing Remarks,

When converting Thunderbird emails to Outlook, a lot of customers run into issues. Thus, we’ve offered the top methods for importing Thunderbird data into Outlook. Furthermore, a detailed description of both the third-party tool and the manual technique has been provided. I hope this post answers your question.