Top 8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Boosts Your Business Productivity

artificial intelligence

Sophie the Robot fully assessed with Artificial Intelligence in UN: “I am here to help humanity” If an AI-enabled Robot has much more worth to deliver into the world of humanity… THINK! How much more Artificial Intelligence can help businesses to boost their productivity.

  • Did you know that artificial intelligence can increase the productivity of your workforce by 40% or more?
  • Did you know AI helps to analyze data for marketing campaigns?
  • Did You Know artificial intelligence can increase production by 35% operating seamlessly?
  • Did you know that AI-enhanced maintenance can reduce maintenance cost by 10%, downtime by 20% and inspection cost by 25%?

Big innovations and the dramatic boost in artificial intelligence have surpassed various boundaries and entered into the wide range of industries helping businesses to grow abundantly. Seeping more into the workplace, AI seems to enhance the overall productivity of the business.

Let’s learn How AI Plays a significant role in improving productivity as well as growing your BUSINESS!

Predictive Maintenance – Resolving Future Issues in Present

With predictive maintenance solutions, businesses have experienced the efficiency in operations. This has encouraged organizations to put Predictive Maintenance on top. The system uses sensors to follow up on the conditions of the machinery and analyses the data on a regular basis. This helps not only to figure out their loopholes or any malfunction in the machinery but also enables organizations to arrange for equipment service when they actually need it. AI-enabled systems help to facilitate and evaluate their own condition as well as report for updating the processes and order for the replacement of a part. Predictive maintenance, by leveraging algorithm based big data, can bring out the best solutions for any error or can predict future failures.

Personalization Touch in Manufacturing – Creating Customized Solutions

AI and advanced software technology have taken personalization to the next level by molding the products and services according to customer relevancy. In present times, it is true that personalization helps to boost sales. According to a survey, there seems to be a growth of 30% in the businesses that provide more personalized services compared to their counterparts.

Artificial Intelligence Optimized Manufacturing Processes – More Output

AI machines definitely improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes. From monitoring the quantities, quality check to filling up the set requirements, cycle times, lead times, temperatures, errors, and downtime to optimize production runs. Assisting operators in making decisions, AI systems will analyze the answers and accordingly perform in the future without the help of operators. Well, in the future Artificial Intelligence can easily transform data into intelligence in a vendor-agnostic environment where machines speak the same language, and this invariably helps to increase productivity.

Expertise Enhanced – More Valuable Solutions

For running a business successfully, it is important to skim through the available data and make effective decisions. However, it is not always possible to work through that huge piles of files loaded with gigantic data.

Many fields face the shortage of expert analysts that can help to make effective decisions based on the data. And, for businesses with huge data to refer to make informed decisions, it is always tough tides due to a shortage of skilled personnel that can read the numbers, catch up the missing data and interprets the analytics. This can impact the business; however, specifically designed AI can efficiently manage this, covering up the loopholes.

Motivated Employees are Productive – Improving Morale

Though the fear of AI taking away jobs run through the masses, the reality is contradictory. AI on the other hand enhances the working lives of employees.

From reducing the number of repetitive tasks of a salesman to filling up the forms of receptionists, AI takes over the most mundane tasks of employees and provides them with expert-driven support. Thus, workers can focus more on bringing valuable returns for businesses. Hence, they would be able to do the things that they are best at – human touch.

The tasks that require creativity, emotional intelligence and problem solving will more likely get contended, happy and productive employees. No doubt, there are companies that are happily giving away the less engaging tasks to a machine. Ultimately, the quality of your employees’ output improves without actually hiring or training new staff.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – Building Loyal Customer Base

Interacting with customers across the globe in real-time is a nerve wedging task. But, answering their queries and concerns is as important as that. And without AI – chatbots, this may seem to be near to impossible. With the ability to understand human language, AI provides the best customer service chats and companies have already started using it. Providing the basic answers for simple questions, automated chatbots are able to deliver in the most realistic and human way.

This helps companies not only to address their clients around the world in real-time but also frees up the time for resolving the important concerns. Moreover, it helps to spend less on customer service employees and divert the funds to the other major areas like manufacturing, operations, and marketing.

Reducing Error and Wasted Time

Well versed with a lot of data and self-learning capabilities, AI improves over time. Learning software, it can begin to outperform humans in specific areas. In many areas, it has been noticed that AI has reduced the rate of error compared to humans and helped to provide the best output.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Resource Fulfillment

Filling up the vacancies with skilled manpower is always a tough task for human resource departments. Factually, hiring is always time-consuming and costly. It is estimated that the hiring processes can take up to 10% of the overall business budget. And what about the time and energy spent in finding the eligible candidates, filling up the forms, reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews of potential candidates. Reports confirm that managers waste about one-third of their productive time just in interviewing candidates without any concrete outputs because of a disruptive process. The same process can be streamlined and can be structured effectively harnessing the power of AI.

Artificial Intelligence aids in the overall hiring process and enables us to bring in the best of human resources for business growth. And numerous businesses have started adopting this. With programs like, which schedules interviews, and ClearFit, which finds and ranks candidates, organizations can have the upper hand in saving both time and money. These are not just the limits; AI has gradually put its strong footage in numerous areas around various industries. Coming years will see more of artificial intelligence doing business, bringing effective solutions, and addressing the evolving concerns in organizations. Whether it is delivering orders through drones, or teaching children in classrooms, no doubt, AI is a future that is soon going to work parallelly with humans.