Top 15 Inspiring Website Sidebar Design Examples in 2020

The website sidebar is a special, innovative, and useful part of web browsing design. A column of typography, a palette of colors, or icons appears on the side of the main content-either on the left or the right, depending on the style and structure of the website. Sidebars are a very essential element of website design. Sidebars are useful because –

  • Contain navigation menus to direct visitors quickly
  • Highlight main information, such as advertisements contact information, or recent news. 
  • When visiting a lot of modern pages, it is easy to find certain patterns in website design, such as horizontal navigation or video backdrop.

Using sidebar navigation is a perfect way to improve the look and sound of your website. Sidebars define the involvement of the website and the pages. A good website design will improve the likelihood of a popular website is made. For this cause, website designers pay a lot of attention to website features such as footer, header, body, and navigation bar. This article is devoted to the introduction of one of the main elements of the website-the sidebar of the website. You will get inspired by the layout of the top innovative sidebar website. Usually, sidebars on the left get the most exposure and direct users more easily because of visual patterns and the behavior of users, whereas sidebars on the right will build a more constructive hierarchy because they are considered secondary. Some Sidebar interface components are –

  • Height and mass 
  • Palette with shades 
  • Typography 
  • Place of position

You can use the sidebar to browse the page, to encourage new fans, to advertise something to categorize web material, to highlight recent content, etc. Navigation menu sidebars are available to improve contact with consumers in social media, advertising, shop types, and more.

15 Inspiring and innovative sidebar interface examples are-

Anthony J Rayburn

On this website, you can find a lot of inspirational images. It has a sidebar on the right to view the logo, links to direct guests, links to social media sites, and contact information.


This website is linked to images and music. The sidebar uses bold typography that fits well with all the other elements. Not only is it physically enticing, but it can also help tourists better explore the website.

Grace Chuang

It is a portfolio page that displays Grace’s projects. This site uses a 3-column layout: on the left is the sidebar with the logo, links to direct visitors to various pages on the website, and links to the social media pages in the middle are the designer’s illustration, and on the right is the designer’s introduction.

Kate Vass Galerie

A gallery of modern art that partners closely with curators and leading art critics to display works by artists. To help guests navigate the artwork easily, there is a sidebar on the left that lists the names of various artists.


Nicecream is a platform you are not going to skip. The sidebar fits well with the whole graphic user interface. It provides a good viewing experience for website users.

Jasmine Star

Encourages marketers to create popular brands. Its navigation sidebar is to the left. The typography location on the sidebar is unique. The white backdrop tends to emphasize the sidebar. Besides, there is a chance to close it.

Mike Kelley

This is a personal website run by a photographer called Mike. His website features a stunning hero icon and a vertical navigation bar with a stylish logo and overlays effects.

The Idle Man

An online shop that uses a wide sidebar on the home page to highlight the bestselling and hottest products. It is one of the easiest ways to inspire consumers to purchase their goods.

Love Billy

This website uses bold typography in the sidebar of the website. It is used as navigation to direct tourists and offers a description of the whole interface.

Sophie Kahn

An art website created by Sophie Kahn, a visual artist, and sculptor. It uses a standard sidebar that connects to social media sites.

Deanie Chen

Deanie Chen’s website has a daily sidebar with a lot of white space, which compares with the stunning photo galleries.

The Life Church Today

The Life Church Today is a website for children. It has a regular, clear sidebar. The entire architecture is tidy and lovely.

Mathieu Stern

A platform for photography and video. Its sidebar has a two-tier structure, which is very convenient for tourists to navigate the platform.

Charlie Waite

Charlie Waite is a personal website designed by artist Charlie Waite. He uses a wide sidebar to announce himself and welcome the guests of the website. It also shows links to its social media accounts.

Niche Pod

Niche Pod’s got a hidden sidebar. It consists of a badge, welcoming greetings, and links that allow travelers to discover the website.