Top 10 Things To Do In Mauritius


For as far back as we can recollect, Mauritius has been equal with special nights spent lazing on ethereal seashores with fine white sands and warm sky blue waters. While it has the absolute most flawless seashores on the planet, there is no lack of unique activities in Mauritius – it isn’t called Paradise Island to no end! Despite the fact that we needed to tear ourselves away from our exquisite special first-night suite, we are happy we did. Ideally, this article will give you a look into an oft-disregarded, yet a perfect side of Mauritius packages:-

Right away, here’s our rundown of 10 Things To Do In Mauritius:- 


 An extraordinary blend of Creole, African, Indian, and Chinese impacts, the dishes offer eruptions of many-sided flavors. Flavors, hues, and flavors meet up to frame a delectable (yet generally secret!) cooking. What another place would you locate a French bouillon bound with Indian flavors? 

Since we’re such foodies, we have an entire article devoted to the Street Food of Mauritius (Opens in another tab). Try not to peruse it when you’re ravenous:- ). When you have had a considerable amount of road food in Mauritius, you should have supper at Chez Tino in Trou d’ Eau Douce.


Leasing a vehicle is certifiably not an exceptionally famous choice in Mauritius. Most sightseers like to move around in taxis driven by nearby drivers. Anyway, we would recommend leasing a vehicle in case you’re even a tiny bit brave. Nothing thinks about finding a mystery seashore or unearthing an astonishing café isn’t that right? 

Only an expression of alert – don’t depend exclusively on your GPS in Mauritius (except if you need to wind up in a sugarcane field with a wanderer bunny for organization!). Request bearings – English is generally comprehended and spoken and Mauritians are accustomed to offering headings to travelers. 

Have a go at leasing a vehicle with a neighborhood Mauritian organization to set aside cash. We leased a vehicle with Pingouin Car Rental at amazingly serious rates.

Lease a vehicle with a Mauritian Rental Company for less expensive arrangements. Once in the driver’s seat, investigate the concealed towns and sea shores of Mauritius. Think dark rocks, rough displays, smashing waves, breezy riding seashores, and shocking Mauritian open country. We guarantee you, you won’t overlook the sentiment of wind hitting your face as you pass through twisting streets to arrive at the southernmost tip of the island at Gris. 


Envision being the main individuals on a winding street – a street encompassed by tea ranches and wrapped with haze. 

In case you’re a tea devotee you could take a guided visit through the tea estate. Ensure you feast at their patio café – it offers to dazzle all-encompassing perspectives on inland Mauritius and a broad assortment of teas on the menu. 


Huge breadths of sugarcane fields are among the principal things one notification about the island. They appear to go on miles and offer a dazzling setting to drives on the island. Sugarcane has a long history in Mauritius. It was acquainted with the nation by Dutch colonizers, promoted by the French, and created by the British as the essential harvest in Mauritius during the nineteenth century. 

It is anything but difficult to lose all sense of direction in the thin ways of sugarcane fields, with several influencing sugarcane plants for the organization. Better despite everything, visit L’Aventure Du Sucre – a sugar exhibition hall with its own sugarcane fields. It gives an extensive diagram of the historical backdrop of sugarcane and its significance for the island. While you’re grinding away, don’t leave Mauritius without attempting a glass of new sugarcane juice – nectar, it is that!! 


The feature of any excursion to Mauritius is the individuals. They are warm, bright, inviting, and extremely supportive. 

For a week we have been there and we have lost count of times when irregular outsiders have supported us with headings (have we never made you aware that you rely on the GPS in Mauritius, even when you are on primary motorways?

Arbitrary instances of liberality incorporate free tapas at cafés and a coconut merchant who wouldn’t acknowledge cash from us on discovering it was our first excursion to Mauritius. There were gigantic grins wherever we went – that is Mauritius.