Top 10 places For setting Up Business in Dubai

10 places For setting Up Business in DubaiOver the past three decades, Dubai has transformed itself into an economy that depends on oil to the Middle East business center. The primary industry in Dubai is real estate, tourism, financial services, and flights. These are emphasized by the presence of a Sundry-free zone in the Emirate.

When it comes to establishing a company in Dubai, you can for land companies or free zones. Free zone companies have taxless benefits, 100% foreign ownership, and repatriation of capital & full advantages. All free zone companies are bound to predetermined geographical areas; land companies can be arranged anywhere outside this free zone.

The UAE government has a transparent and business-friendly policy. If you want to step into the UAE business world, you will request a local sponsor that will hold 51% of your company’s shares. If not, you must arrange your business throughout the free zone and enjoy 100% ownership also zero task costs.

Why is Dubai Best Place For Setting Up New Business?

Dubai is considered as top and best business destinations for business setup in world.

Dubai city offers many advantages for starting new business:

  • Very diverse economy
  • Modern hyper infrastructure
  • Superior transportation links and extensive airline networks
  • World-class financial center
  • Zero tax regime
  • Easy business settings
  • Access to 300,000 people in the region just and many more in Asia / Europe
  • Stable and safe governance

Emirates is also home to great talent pools and cosmopolitan, lured from all over the world by a dynamic career, a family-friendly environment, tax-free salary, and sunlight throughout the year.

For foreign companies who want to be established in Dubai, 22 free zones specifically designed in Emirate allow the establishment of companies outside the box and full foreign ownership, zero import duties, and 100 percent repatriation of corporate profits.

Reasons For Setting up New Business in Dubai

Setting up a business on land means you have got access to the best transportation, sustainability, and other facilities in a short-range. In short, business settings in the Dubai mainland are socially, economically, can be publicly accessible, in addition to having beneficial demographic leverage.

  • Strategic Location for Business in Dubai
  • Various options for Business Premises in Dubai
  • Economic Stability
  • Dubai is the best city for entrepreneurs.
  • Dubai is a business locality with one of the main ports connecting 140 ports on six continents. It is a global city with diverse cultures and tax-free business locations.
  • Dubai is home to more than 42,000 millionaires with the lowest crime level.
  • Dubai is the safest and most popular city in the UAE.
  • Social and Political Stability
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  • No Corporate Taxes for Business in Dubai
  • Acceptable Business Regulations
  • Modern Infrastructure

10 Best Locations For Setting Up Business in Dubai

  • Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) 

This place is located in the Jebel Ali area at the west end of Dubai. It is the largest free zone in the world, especially suitable for manufacturing and trade companies.

Jebel Ali Freezone is located in Dubai. In the middle of the road between Europe, Asia, and Africa, it provides clients access to a potential customer base of more than 2 billion people.

The base of 19 member companies’ extraordinary journey has manifested itself into an association where it is a commercial hub and the famous industrial globally, home to nearly 6,000 companies from more than 110 countries.

Located next to Port Jebel Ali, the Middle East’s largest port features a 45-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. Jebel Ali’s free zone has an excellent position to allow his professional partners the fastest access for people in the south and west. Asia, CIS and Africa, Singapore, and other locations.

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone (Dafza) 

This place is located at Dubai International Airport and is a place for flight & aerospace, IT, Telecommunications, Electronics, Logistics, and the luxury goods industry.

Dafza, like other dubai freezone company formation, has several advantages for foreign investors.

Here are the main benefits of doing business in Dafza:

  • Full exemption from all taxes.
  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • No currency restrictions.
  • Access to the modern infrastructure of Dubai airport.
  • Visa for a foreign investor
  • Full confidence.
  • Dubai Media City (DMC)

It has become a regional center for more than 2,000 media companies such as publishing, online media, advertising agencies, production houses, newsgroups, and broadcast facilities, which encourage Creativity limits every day. Media City also has more than 20,000 people working in their communities.

This business hub is a dynamic environment that encourages advertising, communication, media, and marketing company Excel makes Dubai the most desirable place to breathe the global life of investors.

  • Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

It is a global financial center, housing several financial institutions and multinational companies. It has an independent justice system, supervisory body, economic exchange, and legal framework.

Guided by the value of the essence of integrity, transparency, and efficiency, DIFC plays a vital role in meeting increased financial needs in the region.

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) 

It is located near Dubai International Airport and is the ideal place for technology companies in Dubai.

Several advantages can be achieved in establishing a business in general. Because it is difficult to find the perfect location for you, you must scan through the benefits you can have in managing businesses in one of your target locations.

There are many places where you can make business arrangements in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Whether you plan to have a company in the free zone, mainland, or offshore area, you have many choices to be chosen because the UAE is one of the business hubs in the world.

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA)

It is a free zone that the government owns 100%. This free zone is made to support state business expansion. As another free zone in the UAE, there is a list of benefits for business people who choose to build their DSO business.

  • Dubai Healthcare City (DHC)

It was created to meet the demand for health care services developed in the UAE. It has several clinics, hospitals, outpatient medical centers, and homes for thousands of licensed medical professionals.

  • Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)

It is a free zone founded in 2002 and is designed for health and health. It is now recognized in the world as a place with quality health services with clinical and health service centers, medical education, research, and the international community for quality in Healthcare (Isqua) has accepted its quality standards.

The Dubai free zone authority has two phases. 

Phase 1 is for health and medical education. It is located in Oud Metha.

Phase 2 is for health and is present in Dubai Creek. For the things mentioned above, business settings in the free zone Dubai became famous in Dubai’s health free zone.

  • Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road cuts in the middle of Dubai and one of the most beautiful public places – decorated with a tall building on both sides of the highway. It has Emirates Towers and the Dubai World Trade Center on it and contains many office spaces.

It is the main highway in the UAE and connects to all other emirates while providing a trip fast and easy. For example, Abu Dhabi can be achieved in one hour trip – less even, considering how expansive the main highway.

Also, because the toll road has been built to run parallel with the coastline, the nearby beach is a 10-minute drive away. Similarly, depending on how far your north is traveling and traffic conditions, neighboring communities such as Ajman or UMM Qubu can be reached in one to two hours by road.

  • Deira 

It is the oldest part of Dubai, accommodating the majority of workers here. Employing a workforce for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is very comfortable in Deira. Furthermore, this place is known for its large gold souk.

  • Al Qusais 

It is located near Deira; Al Qusais has a spacious apartment with low rent. It is divided into housing and industrial areas. It is close to Dubai International Airport and Sharjah’s neighboring city and is suitable for starting a logistics business.

Al Qusais is easily connected because many RTA public buses travel through the area, not just one – but five Dubai Metro stations nearby, and the main road connecting other cities.

Just like his neighbor Deira, this district is a culturally rich zone and convenient, bragging the list of hospitals, schools, supermarkets, banks, local parks, food connections, and more.

Find out everything you have to know about Al Qusais with our particular area guide, including average rentals, what facilities are available, what lifestyle, accessibility options, and more.

  • Bur Dubai 

It is present along Dubai Creek; Bur Dubai is famous for its computer textile and business accessories. People can find a lot of expatriates from Asia here, besides several small restaurants and cafeterias.

Prepare a Dubai business promises several favorable prospects, given the city’s commitment to economic diversification and sustainable development. And of course, the location is the most crucial factor that needs to be remembered when starting a company.