Top 5 Tips for Choosing A Flower Girl Dress

Before you walk down the aisle, all eyes will be on your lovely flower girl, so it’s no wonder that you will want her to be feeling her absolute prettiest in a lovely dress. JJ’s House designer Jessica knows that choosing a flower girl dress can be difficult, but not to get too intimidated.

“A bride can have free reign over the flower girl dress, since it doesn’t really have to tie into the wedding in other ways. Fabric and cut can be pretty open, however, many brides do choose a dress that matches the aesthetic of the wedding. That being said, there are a few tips that I can offer.”

Flower Girl Dress

Here are Jessica’s 5 top tips for choosing a flower girl dress:

1. Don’t start too early

While this sounds like the opposite of every wedding suggestion, flower girl dresses are a different kettle of fish. Children are often going through growing stages at this point in their lives, which means that if you choose a dress a year out—it’s very likely they will no longer fit in it by the time the wedding comes around! For this reason, we suggest choosing a flower girl dress within three to four months of the wedding and making sure the dress can be let out, if needed.

2. Keep in mind the season

While you may be willing to sport a backless dress in January, your flower girl may not be so keen. When choosing a flower girl dress, keep in the mind the wedding season and location to make sure that your flower girl will still be comfortable. If your wedding is in winter, consider heavier fabrics so your flower girl will still be comfortable, like velvet. If in summer, look for lighter fabrics like chiffon that will allow for a breeze. You will also want to consider the how wrinkly the fabric may get—little girls don’t often sit perfectly still!

3. Keep your flower girl’s comfort in mind

While you may have found a dress you find absolutely adorable, it’s important to remember that you’re not the one who has to wear it. Cheap lace or itchy edging can make a young child frustrated and uncomfortable and they will be less likely to enjoy themselves (and more likely to let you and your wedding guests know about it).

4. Choose the length based on age

You should choose a dress length that corresponds to your flower girl’s age and comfort level. Floor-length dresses are often more formal and may be better suited to older flower girls, while shorter, knee-length dresses or tea-length dresses may be better for younger girls so they don’t trip over them.

5. Be mindful of cost if you’re not paying for it

If the child’s parents are paying for the dress, be careful not to choose something overly expensive, in respect for the parents’ bank accounts. Even better, you can offer to pay for the dress yourself, which will take the pressure off the parents entirely.