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Objective and Key Results (OKRs) and Performance Indicator (KPI) is a system that helps you set a goal. It was made famous by Google and is now used by millions of companies all around the world. The main objective of OKRs is to improve corporate alignment and to improve business performance and results by setting up achievable goals.

In today’s rat-race for success, every company needs to progress at god-speed. Being organized, practical and aware of your company’s progress are the basics to ensure profits and success of the company. OKR was created in the 70s and was popularized mainly by Google. This requires setting up basic objectives and goals for the company and achieving them in a practical manner. Keeping this in mind, it is very important to choose the right OKR to ensure the success of a company. Ideally, the OKR should gel well with the initiatives that are already in place.  

OKR is really helpful in the effective management of progress of the company and also ensures better communication and clarity with the help of its well-communicated structure. This is very important for large teams where proper communication of vital information is the key to prevent mishaps or failure in general. OKR has yielded successful results for many companies over the years.

This OKR software helps in arranging the objectives and goals of the company or organization and the progress is tracked in a systematic manner. It is one of the best OKR and KPI software that sets up practical objectives and goals and keeps a track of your performance.

This system works smoothly for both major as well as minor objectives of a company. What makes this software better than most other software in the industry is its transparency and flexibility. A basic OKR overview of this software reveals to us the varied functions performed by this software which help in better organization. Here are some of the unique functions of this OKR software:

  • My OKRs

This feature allows you to define your objectives and key results. It contains OKR templates that allow the users to get to work without needless delays. Their goal-setting software uses a wizard to guide the users to define their objectives. The users also have the choice to use OKR University in order to formulate their objectives and key results.

  • OKR Planning

This OKR software allows users to implement top down or bottom up OKR planning. The users can align their own OKRs with their Manager’s OKRs. This helps users to execute their objectives with more focus. It also ensures better planning, organizing, and implementation of strategies with the help of its excellent planning features.

  • My Team’s OKR

This feature of the software allows the user to keep a track of how all the members of his or her team are performing with respect to the objectives and goals set out. It is one of the best goal-tracking software as the user does not require multiple performance indicators. The user is able to keep a track of the performance of all the members of his or her team with just a click.

  • Review your Team’s Alignment

The software provides a hierarchical view of how your team’s objectives are aligned with your objectives and key results. What makes this goal-management software unique is its alignment score. This alignment score draws a clear picture of how your team is aligned with your objectives.

  • Exceptional Management

What makes this software unique is that unlike other OKR software, this software allows the user to create multiple filters for effective time-management and to tend to issues that demand urgent attention. This feature helps the user to keep a track of what is critical which in turn benefits the company or organization as a whole.

These are the various features that make this software different from the other OKR and KPI software in the industry. A good OKR software goes a long way in ensuring the success of a company or an organization. Needless to say, the basic features outlined in the OKR overview are excellent and will help you to take your organization to the zenith of success and glory.