Top 4 Reasons Why Team Building is Important for New Companies

When you’re in the throws of starting your new company, growing your business and becoming profitable is all consuming. Team building activities aren’t likely to be top of your priority list. You might think it’s too expensive, too time-consuming or you might think it’s not necessary.

But your employees are an important part of your business, and building the strength of your team can be the difference between success and failure.

Team Building

Here’s how new companies can use team building activities to their advantage:

To help find the right people for your team

Hiring the right people is a huge concern for new companies. Using team building activities to assess candidates in a group evaluation can be really useful, especially if your company is team-oriented.

During a team building activity, you can observe and assess the behaviour of potential employees when interacting in a team setting. You can judge their problem solving, communication and leadership skills. Qualities such as mental stamina, creativity and resilience can also be tested, all of which are necessary when growing a new business.

A group setting allows you to compare candidates directly and gives you a better sense of who will be the best fit for your company. The hiring process can be long, tedious and expensive. Ensuring that you find the right candidates straight off the bat can save your company a lot of time and money.

To ensure you share a vision

Once you’ve assembled you’re A-team, it’s essential that they share the vision for your company. This is especially important when you’re just getting started. Team building days are an opportunity to communicate your vision for the company to your employees. It’s a great way to get your team aligned with that vision and the core values you’d like to uphold.

Learning through fun and engaging activities is usually much more effective than sitting through a presentation or a speech. Especially if there’s some competition with a trophy as a reward!

To learn more about your team and the strengths you can use

One of the main benefits of team building activities is that they bring to light the various personalities of your team. You can observe how individual employees react to stressful situations, how good their communication skills are and what other attributes you have.

Maybe one of your quieter employees is really creative and hasn’t had the opportunity to show you that in the work place. Or perhaps you’ll discover that someone has leadership qualities that could be further developed. In this way, team building activities can help strengthen your team and therefore, your business.

To build respect and trust within your team

Things can be really hectic in a new company. Everyone is often so focused on the day-to-day tasks that there’s no time to get to know their fellow teammates and connect with them.

A team building exercise gives everyone the opportunity to relate to each other on a human level. Getting to know colleagues outside of work usually means you see a different side to their personality.

Often team building activities help break the barriers that exist and allows trust and respect to grow and deepen between your staff members. With more trust and respect, employees are more likely to collaborate and work effectively together.

Having a team building doesn’t need to be expensive. There are lots of free resources online that you can help you build a session on your own! Or if you are able to be more flexible with money and time, a team building retreat could be an excellent way to build solid relationships between your staff.

Alternatively there are plenty of activities that work well for team building that can be cost effective and take only a day or even half a day! Why not try something new together? You are limited only by your imagination – whatever your team fancies will work. You could try motocross or 4×4 driving if you’re a team of adrenaline junkies or go get some massage therapy together if you’d rather relax!


Whether it’s an hour, a day or a weekend, a team building session can be so beneficial to your new company. You’ll have a more connected and engaged team that work better together to achieve your company’s goals.