Dirty Air DuctsBad air quality can be one of the reasons for a severe health problem for the entire family. It becomes quite unclear what is the cause of bad health if the reason is an external factor like a dirty duct that is spreading bad air across the house. Due to severe allergy and symptoms, dirty ducts are to be analyzed with utmost priority.

Nasty and dirty air ducts will worsen the air quality within the premise by pushing in the allergens and contaminants out from it. If this fact is known at the start, it is recommended to take action at your earliest. Air duct cleaning in Norcross requires specialized teams to visit the premises and operator over the existing infrastructure to ensure the air coming out from the Air duct is pure and does not affect the health. Here are the most common symptoms that are considered, which shows that the vents require cleansing.

Similar Health Problem across the House

It is the most primary and common symptoms found across the households when tenants start experiencing health-related issues. Some common health issues that occur due to dirty air ducts are

– Asthma

– Respiratory Infection

– Sinus Infection

– Severe Allergies

– Lowered Immunity

– Itchy Skin

– Dry Skin

– Lethargy

If these health symptoms are common across households, this indicates that air ducts are emitting airborne toxins and contaminants. These health issues can take a severe turn if the vents do not service at the earliest.

Mold Growth

Mold spores are the most common cause of dirty air ducts. If the air conditioning unit keeps running for longer times at lower times, the cooling is effected due to dirty ducts and molds taking place over the duct surface. Humid and excess moisture is also another reason for mold growth over the duct’s body and lousy air quality over the premises.

Excessive mold can lead to serious health problems, so it is crucial to treat these molds before it takes ugly shape.

Scratching Sounds

Roaches and Rats are the most common animals found in the air ducts if not services for a more extended period. As these animals spread rapidly, it is essential to service the vent at regular intervals. Roaches and Rats will cause scratching sounds when walking over the duct surface, which can be used as an indicator to service the ducts.

Dirt, Debris, and Dust

Dust, dirt, or smoke will suddenly turn on the air conditioning system after switching it off. Due to dust and debris created overtime on the duct surface, there was no service at all for a reasonable long time. Smoke is the most dangerous sign as this can result in a faulty AC system and clogged air ducts.

Not changing or Cleaning Air Filter.

Not cleaning the air filter or not replacing it is one of the most common symptoms that ductworks need cleaning. It is a significant chance that the AC faces a vent problem if the filter is not serviced at the predefined intervals. It’s better to replace the filters once a month or if you have reusable filters disinfecting them every month does the job. Smoking indoors or living in dusty areas can cause the filter to get dirty at a faster rate. Servicing the filter have to be adjusted as per the living condition.

Dusty Air Conditioning Coil

Air Duct Repair and Replacements in Norcross are required with the air conditioning coil full of dust. The AC will not work at its maximum capacity that could be causing higher utility bills. Significant dirt and dust-covered coils can cause a substantial problem for the air ducts.

Excessively Energy Bills

The electricity bill is bound to go up when the AC system keeps running even at low temperatures. It is mainly due to debris, dirt, or faulty components that can cause the Air Conditioning System to malfunction or run at a higher cost.

The HVAC system should be serviced at a regular interval by a professional team having experience and tools to provide a service that could elongate the life of your Air Conditioning System. All the above symptoms should be kept in check to avoid any unnecessary health issues. Dirty air ducts can cause roaches and rats to increase and are among the most common reasons for breathing disorders due to polluted air quality. With reduced air quality, viruses, allergens, and bacteria will circulate the air and tend to affect the children and elders when exposed. The supply and return vents will worsen even after every cleaning due to the high amount of dirt within the air duct. If the vents are getting cleaned more and more, this is the most common dirty vents that require servicing by a professional team who have a good track record of servicing the HVAC.