5 Must Have Style Tips for Men With Short Height

If you are reading this post, the odds are that you are not satisfied with your height. Don’t get offended, I also dreamt of becoming few inches taller, but unfortunately, we have no control over how tall we will be, definitely not yet. There are mainly two concerns for not a really tall men especially regarding clothing one is look rounder and shorter than you really are and second is feel clumsy and awkward in too big clothes.

Sadly, short men have it particularly bad. We can see tall and big stores everywhere where girls have a lot of pretty options but guys under 5’8’’ have gotten the root end of the stick.They hardly get anything that makes them well-fitted among the talls.

 Style Tips for Men With Short Height

But wait, here is the good news. Here are some basic guidelines that help you find the clothes that fit you right and make you look taller. Let’s have a look!

1. Think slim, not skinny!

It’s important that your clothes fit your body flawlessly. Go for a style that fits close to your body. Garments that are big and baggy can make you look short and weak, hence don’t go for it. Choose a slim fitted designer shirt that emphasises your bust, and the similar thing goes for your bottoms. Only wear clothes that fit your body, and you’ll start looking taller and smarter.

2. Keep lighter shades on top!

This is an essential recommendation to define your upper part of the body better. Lighter shades on the bust make it look bigger. Darker tones in the bottoms impose a slimming effect and give an illusion of being tall. But while opting the colours, don’t mix and match them. Go for the universal combinations like red, white and blue, grey, white and black; grey and plum. However wearing the same hues in both shirts and pants can break natural breaks in your body frame and as a result, can give an illusion of being tall.

3. Go for vertical stripes!

Vertical stripes are best when it comes to stretching your height. Vertical stripes are the most faithful friends of a man with a smaller structure. So go for the designer shirts that have patterns like pinstripe, chalk stripe and herringbone boasting out a bold appearance.

4. Don’t go for too bold prints!

When printed shirts are in trend,  you also want to own one. But choosing a wrong pattern might break the silhouette and can take you far away from the look you want. Hence the advice is to choose small patterns with delicate prints on lighter fabrics. Well, the purpose is to give an extra touch to the look without attracting too much attention.

5. Don’t forget your shoes!

The importance of shoes for a short man is very much. In fact, shoes with slight heels can add length to your body posture. For the formal shoes, go for the pointed ones.The boot can also be a good option for a small height man in particular when wearing with jeans. Pay a little attention towards laces also, if shown they broaden the feet, and if hidden they make the feet longer.

Let’s be realistic now, men’s clothing store is not going to make products for specific body types any time soon, but if we stick to some basic style principles, know what to buy and where to buy, we short heightened men can dress sharp regardless of our heights.

Author Bio: Shreya is a blogger and travel freak. She holds a great interest for fashion and spends much of her time in exploring the giant fashion world. She is a food lover and working as a digital marketing manager at Divinity Mart.