Some styles of shapewear to shape your body

Shapewear is an amazing compliment for every outfit, they can help you feel and look your best, but it needs to be able to smooth while still feeling comfortable. It’s hard to know which ones are right that offer tummy control or can help slim love handles, muffin tops, and more, with so many styles to choose from. There are many different types of shapewear for women, each one is designed to focus on a specific area of your body. Cosmolle shapewear offers something for everyone regardless of your style preferences or target areas. Today, we’ll let you know about some shapewear styles that are made to shape your body.


These shorts are also lightweight and seamless shapewear so they’ll smooth without feeling too constricting,  plus they don’t come up as high as the previous pair. Think of them as a layering bottom that you can wear under your dresses, skirts, or pants. Not to mention, you can even buy multiple pairs if you want to wear them every day, as they’re affordable. This do-it-all style shapes your butt, hips, and thighs with extra emphasis on the tummy.


Boost your confidence with invisible control. If you’re thinking to shape your body without wearing the right panty then you might as well go commando, because unintentionally panties are shaping our body since we wear them daily. Tuck, flaunt, contour and control with one of an amazing collection of body shaping panties. You don’t need to avoid those pesky panty lines if you go for one of our seamless brands.


Body shapers will flatten, smooth and contour, yes. But, most of all, it will provide confidence and ease-of-mind every single empress needs to conquer her day. These bodysuits are the next big trend in the shaping world.

These bodysuits are available in a variety of styles, you can go for hip-hugging, dress cuts, thigh-length, or slip into one offering full-body coverage to feel like Catwoman under your clothes. Cosmolle provides comfortable, breathable fabric and body shaper for women, most offer open busts so you can actually combine its confidence-infusing power with your favorite bra.


Why hide your amazing curves when you are giving them an extra boost? Shapewear slips can help accentuate your amazing natural shape and also gives them the confidence to slip into your favorite pair of figure-hugging dress. These styles target the places you most want to slim and smooth, giving you control over your look. Shapewear slips smooth and slim your body from top to bottom, targeting the bust, waist, and tummy.

Slips can be worn easily under dressmaking them ideal for any dressy occasion. You can feel confident dressing with proper shapewear, for a formal occasion, or just about any other event you have planned where an elevated look is required.

These are some styles of shapewear to shape your body naturally. So, which style of shapewear will you choose to make your body look adorable and fit?