Enhance Your Shooting Experience With a Glock Trigger Kit

The trigger is a crucial part of your Glock. Upgrading your trigger can significantly improve your shooting experience. This trigger kit replaces the factory trigger shoe and trigger bar with a self-contained sear module that drops into your Glock trigger mechanism. It provides an affordable and easy way to enhance your trigger performance.

Improved Ergonomics

The factory Glock trigger is adequate, but it does have some significant problems that many shooters would like to address. The main issues include a heavy trigger pull, excessive creep, and long travel. A good Glock trigger upgrade will improve all these factors without compromising your pistol’s safety. It will also offer a more consistent trigger experience. This is important for accuracy. A smooth take-up, crisp trigger break, and reduction in overtravel will help you create the smallest group possible on your target. While there are different trigger upgrades available, a new connector is the best place to start. This is because it’s the most affordable and most straightforward to install. The connector connects the trigger bar and trigger shoe, where most of the friction in your Glock’s trigger system comes from. The connector’s ramp pushes down on the trigger bar until it reaches the “break,” which releases the striker to fire your ammunition. A good Glock trigger kit will replace the original factory parts with high-quality steel components to improve trigger feel and performance. This will also help reduce trigger grit and overtravel. The kits will also maintain your factory safety specifications and are easy to install without requiring the assistance of a gunsmith. Some kits will even include additional features, such as a colored trigger.

Adjustability for Personal Preference

Glock trigger upgrades offer the flexibility to customize your pistol for your shooting style. You can change the trigger shoe to improve how your finger rides on it or upgrade the springs for a different pull weight. You can also choose a trigger with a flat face to ensure a clean break and a more accurate shot. You can also improve your trigger by changing the striker spring, firing pin safety spring, and trigger bar spring. However, you must know that modifying these parts may affect reliability if not done correctly. You can also adjust your trigger pull by changing the weight of the spring, but this is best for experienced gunsmiths.

Enhanced Performance

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade that improves ergonomics, grit, trigger reset, or overtravel, you can find a Glock trigger kit to meet your needs. Some kits offer the simplest upgrades, like new connectors, while others can replace the trigger shoe, trigger bar, and trigger mechanism housing, making them comprehensive and cost-effective upgrades. One of the best things about a Glock trigger upgrade is that it doesn’t compromise the internal safety specifications, even after installation. This feature is essential for police officers and military personnel who carry the gun on duty, as it can help prevent accidental discharges in stressful situations.

Easy Installation

The factory trigger on Glocks is spongy with little to no wall. Even upgrading to a better trigger shoe can make a massive difference in feel and performance. Then, the trigger kits offer a much lighter trigger pull or a completely new configuration of parts. These upgrades can make the gun feel like a completely different firearm. Installing a trigger kit is relatively easy but is best done by a knowledgeable gunsmith or someone with experience working on Glocks. The first thing to do is ensure that the gun is unloaded and that the pistol will not reset after being racked. Once that is done, remove the slide and point it in a safe direction. Next, locate the two pins that hold the trigger mechanism in place. The smaller two will come out quickly with a simple pin punch, but the larger pin is more stubborn and requires some jiggling. A good tip is to use the tip of your punch sideways against the pin to get it centered in more quickly and accessible. The trigger assets are removed from the frame, and the new trigger connector can be installed. This is where some patience may be required, as you must match up the cross-shaped section on the new connector with the cut in the plastic block. Once the connections are aligned, you can replace the trigger bar and spring.