Step-By-Step: What to Expect During a Lash Lift Procedure

Lash Lift Procedure

A lash lift is a cosmetic treatment that curls natural lashes from the root. It can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

A lash lift requires the use of several different chemicals. A patch test is recommended to determine whether a client is allergic to the chemicals.


The first step of the lash lift process is to schedule an appointment with a professional lash technician. During the consultation, you must communicate with your technician about your desired look and any questions or concerns. This will help them better understand how to achieve your ideal lash look during the treatment.

How long does a lash tint last? During the preparation phase, your technician will gently wash your eyelashes to remove any makeup, oils, or dirt that could interfere with the treatment. You should also avoid using any eyelash products for 24 hours before your appointment. It’s also a good idea to remove contact lenses for comfort.

After your lashes are clean, they will apply a bonding solution to the eyelashes. This helps the lashes adhere to the silicone pads used during the lift. The lashes are then carefully placed on the pads and held in place with a second adhesive.

Your lash technician will then apply a curling solution to the lashes, softening and molding them into the desired shape. After the lash lifting solution has conditioned your lashes, a setting solution will be applied to lock in the lifted look. If you opted for a tint, this will also be used now.

A lash lift takes about 45 minutes to an hour from start to finish and is entirely painless. The results of a lash lift are subtle but noticeable. It’s an excellent alternative to a lash extension because it doesn’t add length but instead works with your natural lashes for a more enhanced look. Some people even get a lash lift and tint for a dramatic but natural effect. Just be sure to play it safe by getting a patch test beforehand. This will ensure you don’t have any allergic reactions to the chemicals in the lash lifting solution and dye.


You must go to a certified, vetted professional to perform the procedure when getting a lash lift. As DW points out, using chemicals around the eyes can be super dangerous (there are many stories of eye infections and even blindness from DIY at-home treatments). You’ll likely get better results when someone with the proper training does the job.

For the treatment itself, the aesthetician will start by placing silicon pads over your lower eyelids and smoothing them out to ensure they’re evenly distributed and lying flat against the skin. Once that’s done, they can move on to the upper eyelids. Once the lashes are covered, they’ll apply a bonding solution to start the perming process; then, a rod will help reshape and curl your lashes into their desired look.

A few hours after your appointment, you’ll need to stay away from water, steam, and putting on makeup until your lashes have dried completely. Getting your lashes wet before that happens can ruin the lift and cause your lashes to turn brittle. You should also avoid oil-based products (like mascara) or those with a high pH level, as those can dissolve the bonding solution and mess up your new curl.

According to Brown, lash lifts typically last four to eight weeks. But the exact length of time they last will depend on your lifestyle and whether you’re active, sweat a lot, or live in warm weather, as those factors can speed up the chemical breakdown that causes the lift to fade. Suppose you want to ensure the result holds up as long as possible. In that case, she recommends a weekly nourishing treatment formulated explicitly for lash perming to help keep your lashes supple and robust.