What Season of the Year Has the Highest Chance of Getting You Sick?

Chance of Getting You Sick

On average, adults get sick with the common cold two to three times each year. Children catch colds even more common.

Getting sick is never fun. It makes us feel terrible, makes us less productive, and makes our immune systems weaker.

By knowing what season of the year you have the highest chance of catching a cold, you can maybe lower your chances of actually getting sick.

Do you think you know which is the worst season for health? Keep on reading to see the answer and why!

Getting Sick In Winter

You probably guessed that winter is the season that has the highest chance of getting you sick. But before you pat yourself on the back, you should realize that you probably don’t know why so many people get sick during this time.

A lot of people think that the rain in the winter is to blame for all the sickness. Others simply think that colder temperatures will quickly make a person sick.

However, it’s not the cold or rain that makes a lot of people get sick. Instead, because of the cold and rain, people are likely to spend more time inside. 

And when you have a lot of people spending lots of time together in poorly ventilated rooms, it’s much easier to spread diseases. 

This is why respiratory infections are so common in the winter. The more time you spend with someone inside, the more likely you’re going to get sick.


Another reason why sickness is so common during winter is the humidity or lack thereof. Normally, when you’re in a room with someone, you’re probably standing around three feet away from them.

In the winter, there’s very little humidity. That small amount of moisture evaporates when someone breathes out a virus. This allows the virus to hang in the air for a long time and it’s easier for someone to breathe in the virus.

We’ve all heard worried parents tell us that we’ll catch a cold if we stand out in the rain and cold. However, the evidence doesn’t support this. It’s actually when you go inside to get away from the cold and rain when you’re most vulnerable. 

Before people really understood how viruses and germs worked, they would notice that people got sick during the cold and rainy months and just assumed the cold and rain were to blame.

No matter what, you should always have protective personal equipment (PPE) on hand during the winter so that you can stay safe and healthy. Make sure to get your PPE from a reputable source like ukmedi.co.uk.

Avoid Sickness this Year

As we can see, the winter months are the most common for getting sick. By understanding this and knowing what makes people sick, you can be proactive in keeping yourself healthy and free of sickness.

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