Sales Automation: Key to Optimize Results

The processes within companies are undergoing a profound change with the digital transformation. What until recently worked well, today has become obsolete; Therefore, new technologies that are scalable and flexible must be integrated to adapt to constantly evolving markets.

From Traditional to Digital

To some extent, who defines the rules of this digital transformation is the customer, since in recent years their consumption behavior has changed and, in addition, they are waiting for personalized and relevant experiences.

Likewise, the generalization in the use of the Internet and mobile devices has given way to a hyperconnected and digital society. The guidelines that govern this new era are immediacy, globalization, disruptions and automation.

For these reasons, companies like Cheap Assignment Writing Service UKmust implement a digitalization plan to remain competitive, be more efficient and productive. But, this process not only implies a technological change, but also a change within the organizational culture and business model.

In this case, if it is necessary to increase productivity and provide a satisfactory customer experience, it is necessary to rely on technological tools to automate the repetitive tasks of the sales area, with which sellers can concentrate on higher value actions.

The Automation of the Sales Area

Next, some of the advantages offered by the automation process in the financial analysis for the sales department are mentioned.

1. Improve area performance

With this technology it is possible to optimize and expedite the tasks of the sales team, since the relevant information of the customer is easily accessible. Thus, the team spends less time searching for contact data, behavioral histories, sales reports and projections, personal finances, among others. All this aimed at increasing productivity.

2. Shorten the distance between marketing and sales

One of the functions of sales automation is to blur the line that divides two departments that must work in harmony to obtain better results: marketing and sales.

The information collected from the interactions with the client and its history is stored in the database and is updated in real time, being accessible to both teams. In this way, they maintain better communication and can give continuity to the relationship with the client.

For example, when sales receive the prospect with whom marketing has worked, they have access to information about the conversations that have taken place in different media and the strategies implemented, which makes it easier to adapt the sales strategies that They fit the client and his needs.

3. Workflow automation

With this function, the team saves time by selling with just a few clicks, since the daily task organization is programmed separately and the sales agents can access a centralized product database.

4. Detect opportunities

As the database grows, buying behaviors, patterns in the market, critical points in the buyers journey , decisions behind purchases and other attitudes that allow to predict and anticipate the needs of customers can be identified .

5. Analytics and reports

A sales automation software offers complete information on the monitoring and results of campaigns, which identifies trends that allow improvements to be implemented. Easy-to-read reports are obtained in formats such as graphs and tables on various metrics and KPIs. These reports can be customized to suit the needs of each company.

Tools to Automate the Sales Process

There are many types of software for sales automation, from free basic tools to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that allow you to monitor the behavior of leads during your journey through the sales funnel.

Within the CRM there are tools and plugins that help organize and expedite routine tasks of the sales process. For example.


To boost the purchase, email sequences or chains are sent according to the position of the leads or potential customers in the sales funnel. A marketing automation tool can identify who is most likely to become customers.

In itself, the same emails are not sent to someone who has just subscribed to the newsletter as someone who has visited the website on multiple occasions and has shown interest in a particular product. The first one needs to be educated so that he knows the brand and the company better, while the second one is almost ready to buy and needs motivation, for example, a weekly offer that propitiates a conversation aimed at selling.

In the case of the most advanced customer in the sales funnel, human intervention is convenient to choose the most appropriate mail sequence according to your case.

Tasks and reminders

The tasks are very useful for the organization of the members of the team, since tasks related to a certain client are programmed and they appear in the chronology of associated records. For example, a task may be displayed as “Call tomorrow after 11:00 AM”.

Reminders programmed in the calendar can send alerts to the mobile device or email on the selected date and time.

What Sales Processes Automate?

Like any new technology to be implemented in a company, it is first necessary to analyze and decide which processes are likely to be automated to eliminate charges to the sales team, such as registering new customers, updating inventories, managing commission to sellers, and more.

In fact, you can start with simple processes so that employees do not suffer change drastically and later increase the level of automation. Performing an analysis to the sales team will identify which areas require improvements.

With the automation tools it is easier to achieve the objectives, as well as grow sales in favor of the company and provide a successful customer experience.