How To Run Successful Hashtag Challenges On TikTok – 7 Quick Steps To Follow

TikTok is one of the rapidly growing social media apps; no one can stop its success. It has an enormous strength of 800 million active users from 155 countries worldwide. It is the most valid and acceptable reason for brands and top companies to jump into TikTok. Their main aim is to get benefited from its TikTok. Of course, the maximum users are teens, twins, and young people, but it doesn’t mean TikTok is only for kids and entertainment. Anyway, now you can spot the average age of users on TikTok; soon, it will increase.

Hashtag Challenges On TikTok

Only some brands understand their strength, but some brands are unaware of its potential and missing out on its benefits. TikTok is the right place for those people who want to expand their brand exposure, traffic to their websites, increasing their sales rate, and more. It is the perfect stage to target the younger audience and connect with them.

TikTok keeps on going with the trend sets; one of the booming trend sets is the hashtag challenge. That trend will last only for a short period. 

What Is a Hashtag Challenge?

Hashtags challenge is created by brands and is one of the effective marketing strategies on TikTok. And some of the hashtag challenges reached millions of views and impressions, becoming viral on all social media.

During the challenge, brands ask people to do specific tasks related to their business or brands, then tag them under particular hashtags. Hashtags challenge is famous on all other social media apps, especially on TikTok.It is the perfect stage to target the younger audience and connect with them. Remember, you run hashtags challenges only to impress your audience and to gain their attention.

So your hashtags challenge must attract your followers and influence them to participate in it. If you aim to bring more engagement, if you buy TikTok views to get maximum attention and recognition from real TikTok followers. The hashtag challenge’s main intention is to create user-generated content and gain lots of exposure and visibility to their brand.

Mostly, top companies have specific goals, purposes when they create hashtag challenges. Their intention may be to generate leads for online store or to build brand awareness. They start with a campaign with a clear- vision.

Why Is the TikTok Challenge Famous Among Followers?

TikTok users are very much excited to enter into hashtags challenge. If brands frame hashtags correctly, according to audience preference, they have many chances to go viral. When your challenge is intriguing, then many people will join in your campaign.

Taking part in hashtags challenge is easy for the content creators. Within a second, they can start their challenge. Moreover, users can express their individuality in their challenge. They become famous and noted among their audience. TikTok users have the habit of finding the trending hashtags challenge and get participated in it. The research study shows that 50% of content creators have taken part in at least one hashtag challenge. And 35 % of them join the challenge regularly on TikTok.

In this article, let’s see a few tips for running your hashtags challenge successfully on TikTok.

Spend Some Time For Research 

You have an idea to run a hashtags challenge for your business or brands; you must do some research before starting your process on hashtags challenge. Monitor or keep an eye on past trending hashtags challenge, analyze them, find why they become successful. Collect all those factors from that successful hashtags challenge.

You can get inspired by your industry persons or from your competitors to know how they created their campaign. At starting, you have a lot of doubts and questions regarding your challenge. Remember, your challenge must be funny, hilarious; most importantly, it must promote your brand or products. At the same time, it must not look promotional. Your campaign indirectly influences your brand.

Build Short And Crispy Hashtag For Your Brand 

It is very crucial to build specific hashtags that must relate to your brand. When you create that type of hashtag, then you have many chances to go viral.

How People Will Participate In Challenges?

  • At first, challenge your audience to do some stuff and ask them to upload it under specific hashtags to develop the challenge.
  • When people spot your hashtags challenge, they will show interest in getting into your challenge if they like your challenge. They will post their video, adding your hashtags.
  • Meanwhile, it will spread everywhere on TikTok; then, more will get inspired or attracted by other users and start their challenge.

Using your hashtags, you can easily track people who participated in your challenge.

How To Build Successful Hashtags? 

Creating the right hashtags for your hashtag challenge is more important to become famous. The following tips will help to develop successful hashtags.

  • Create a simple and easy spelling 
  • Your hashtags must be easy to recognize and remember so that everyone will search easily figure it 
  • Build hashtags that are related to your challenge. It helps to make people recall about your campaign
  • You can add your brand name to your hashtags 
  • You can include two to three primary hashtags for your campaign and others to express your brands. 

Your Hashtags Must Focus On Your Brand Throughout The Campaign.

Your hashtags must not go out of the focus; it must be around your brands or product. At least, it targets the niche. Ensure your hashtags connect, bind with the challenge. It is best if you frame your hashtags in your brand name. Check whether your audience will accept your hashtags. Discover what types of hashtags are most famous and mostly used by your target audience.

Make Your Challenge More Engaging & Funny

If you want your hashtags to challenge more memorable and famous among your audience, create them captivatingly and funnily. Make your challenge popular. The more popular the challenge, the more people will take part. Next, if your challenge connects or matches your hashtags, it has a high chance for the people to remember your challenge.

Create a specific theme or concept for your challenge, then give a funny movement to express your theme.

While creating hashtags, challenge yourself to think will your audience be comfortable, or do the challenge. Make sure your challenge must be easy for your audience to do. Moreover, it must create fun and excitement while doing your challenge. Depending on your target audience demographics, frame your challenges. If your challenge is difficult to do, more people will ignore your challenge. It must look real and organic, and it can be done with the simple stuff. Don’t go for heavy budget stuff to do your challenge.

Choose Perfect Song Or Background For The Challenge 

Your TikTok challenge sounds are from original songs or song clippings from movies, albums. You can choose popular or trending songs or background music for your challenge. Choose trending songs to increase more engagement and make your audience get engaged. Make sure the background music goes with your challenge.

Be Clear With Your Condition 

Set formal rules for your audience to get into hashtags challenge. Like how many people must participate in a single frame. Come up with your question from your audience’s side. Be clear with your condition, and your audience may not get confused about your challenge. Your audience must be cleared about what conditions must be followed throughout your challenge.

Once you find those questions, you can easily frame the rules for your challenge. Suppose your challenge contains any dance video consulate with choreography before you run your campaign. They will help you with how you can showcase your product or do promotional activities with your dancing challenge.

Promote Your Challenge 

Once you get ready with all your stuff like theme, concept, dialogues, music, hashtags, then begin to film your idea. Before fixing your challenge, recheck whether your challenge will meet your goals or help succeed your objectives.

When it’s ready to publish, try to promote your hashtags challenge as much as possible. Not only on TikTok, advertise on all other social media. Promote your challenge on popular media like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.

For more visibility, you can collaborate with an influencer to promote your challenge. When famous influencers advertise or do your challenge, sure, your challenge will get more viral and popular on TikTok. It influenced or encouraged their followers to take part in it.


Recently, the hashtag challenge is getting more famous, and it’s one of the effective strategies to get bags of engagement to your business. Brands use these strategies to make their brand or product familiar with their target audience and to increase their sales. Usually, these results are generated by top companies that don’t think much to invest their money in campaigns. But it’s worth it for all business persons.

Actually, TikTok offers plenty of opportunities for marketers, professionals to enhance their business. Hashtags challenge is one of the marketing plans TikTok offers. So every brand and business must go with a hashtag challenge for their business growth. We believe that the steps as mentioned earlier help you to run your hashtags challenge effectively on TikTok.