4 Types of Replacement Lenses to Increase Your Vision Value

Increase Your Vision Value

If you want to replace your pair of glasses because of the broken and scratched lens. Many lenses are very costly and it considers to be as a very costly way to replace lenses. If you have a pair of perfectly good frames and lenses to just have to save the money by getting replacement lenses.

There are many types of replacement lenses available in the market. You can choose the right lenses by your own choice. In this article, the detail types of replacement lenses discuss for your convenience. Basically, there are fours popular types of replacement lenses which are very widely used in the market.

1. Single Vision Replacement Lenses

These vision lenses have the equal focal vision power from top to bottom of the frame.Single Vision Replacement Lenses can be used to astigmatism between other eyes issues. These replacement lenses are used typically at the age of forty. It is the least expensive type of Replacement Lenses found in the market easily. These Replacement lenses are specially designed for those people who face the issue of long-distance vision.

2. Bifocal Replacement Lenses

This type of Replacement lenses are divided into two main focal power parts. The upper portion of this lens is normally designed for the long-distance vision and the lower portion is designed for the near vision problems. Children and adults you want to study and have a near eyesight problem they can use this Bifocal Replacement lens for reading well. Most of the people customize this lens by making default styles.

Mostly this lens can be found in the oval style. In this a half moon display which can differentiate the lower and upper portion of this replacement lenses.Many people who are suffering from presbyopia can use this lens. In this problem, the human eye lens expands in order to focus on the objects. This types of problem may arise at the age of forty.

3. Trifocal Replacement Lenses

This type is very expensive as compared to Bifocal lenses. As the name implies Trifocal Replacement lenses offer three focal points. These points are usually used for the long distance, near distance or intermediate distance. These lenses are very smooth and reliable for the long usage.

4. Progressive Replacement Lenses

This kind of replacement lenses can reduce the visible distracted lines of bifocals and many trifocals. These replacement lenses can provide the seamless smooth vision for viewing long distance objects clearly.

They consider being as a natural vision correction lens found in the market. Progressive replacement lenses are very expensive to buy and after 2- 3 years of use you have to replace it and buy the new pair of Progressive lenses.

By replacing the lenses you can provide the new idea of clear vision. These replacement lenses can help you to see far away without any disturbance in the eyes. Many lens replacement surgeries develop for the people but this will be the easiest and less expensive way for vision correction.