10 Best Relaxation and Meditation Apps to Keep You Mindful in 2022

Relaxation and Meditation Apps

In today’s hectic and busy lifestyle, everyone is looking for a break and relaxation. Meditation has always been known for providing benefits for physical and mental health. However, not everyone has the time to join a meditation class to learn the practice.

For this reason, meditation apps are the answer to receiving guided sessions, motivational tools, chants, mantras, and music to help you meditate. In this blog, we are going to learn about the best meditation and relaxation apps to keep you mindful in 2022. 

What is a Meditation App? 

Meditation and relaxation apps are the perfect solutions to reduce mental and physical stress. In fact, they help us to continue the mindful practice of meditation from anywhere and anytime. People using such as can reduce their stress levels, and chronic pain, and control blood pressure. Moreover, some people are able to quit their bad habits such as smoking or alcohol addiction. For this reason, many businesses are investing in meditation app development. Curious to learn about the best ones? 

Let’s learn about the best meditation and relaxation apps. 

10 Best Relaxation and Meditation Apps 

1. Calm 

Calm is one of the leading award-winning meditation and relaxation apps. It is the perfect digital solution for both beginners and meditation enthusiasts. The app helps millions of users in finding mental peace and navigate through life’s stress.  

The meditation app is available for iOS, Android, and desktop users and has over 100 million downloads. Plus, there are over 700,000 5-star reviews, which speak about the quality of meditation app development. 

The users of the Calm app can explore and practice hundreds of calming exercises, breathing methods, and amazing sleep stories. Moreover, the interface remains very interactive and intuitive, which makes it super simple to navigate through the app. Lastly, users love the constantly updated content on the app. The ability to track insightful statistics makes it one of the leading meditation and relaxation apps. You can also develop a meditation app like Calm by reaching the best mobile app development company. 

2. Headspace 

Headspace is the perfect meditation app for individuals who are searching for mindfulness and guidance. It is a very affordable, simple, and easy-to-use mobile app for beginners. Furthermore, individuals facing pain, depression, anxiety, trouble focusing, and sleep difficulties find Headspace very effective. 

The amazing functionalities have helped millions of users in boosting their well-being, positive thinking, and decreasing emotional reactivity. The meditation sessions with the help of Headspace have a great effect on both mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, Headspace is super effective in tracking the progress and sessions of individuals. 

You will get a massive library of meditations that can greatly help you reduce stress, anxiety, and certain emotions. 

3. Simple Habit 

Simple Habit is an amazingly concise meditation app. It greatly helps people facing stress and anxiety. The effective meditation app development has been effective in providing over 1600 guided meditation practices. Above all, the users have to dedicate just 5 minutes every day to using Simple Habit. This small investment helps to overcome serious issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. 

The customization options and a simple interface surely make it one of the best mediation and relaxation apps. In the free version, there are around 50 free meditation practices, but buying the premium will give you access to thousands of exercises. 

4. Insight Timer 

Insight Timer is a big different meditation app present on this list of best meditation and relaxation apps. This app is more suitable for people having experience in meditation practices. Furthermore, they are able to access a huge library of audio tracks, guided meditations, music, and expert talks. 

The mobile app provides multi-language support and gives the ability to track personal progress. Moreover, users can use the meditation timer and background sounds to improve their focus. 

It is possible to easily access a huge variety of content from a diversity of instructors. Even the free version features tons of useful and productive content. Above all, effective meditation app development also gives us a social aspect in Insight Timer. 

5. Sattva 

Sattva is another leading meditation app. It curates the best lessons from the ancient Vedic principles of meditation. Furthermore, the users are able to receive the best auditory guided meditations from the app. The meditation app is ideal for beginners and experienced individuals. Moreover, it supports smartphones, tablets, and even desktops. 

Initially, the app was only launched for Apple devices, but soon it was available for Android and other platforms as well. The UI/UX is very easy to understand and users can instantly catch up with the basic meditation principles. Plus, there are a lot of chants, mantras, and meditation exercises that you can explore in this meditation app. 

Sanskrit scholars have worked with Sattva to provide the most authentic meditation routines and exercises that provide a holistic experience. 

6. Waking Up 

Waking Up is an amazing meditation and relaxation app. It has been developed by the best-selling author Same Harris with the aim to help users explore the possibilities of their own minds. Thus, this app clearly differentiates itself from other meditation and relaxation apps on this list. In fact, it takes a more intellectual approach to the ideas of mindfulness and meditation. 

The user interface remains incredibly sleek, uncluttered, and intuitive for the users. Furthermore, the navigation is also very straightforward which enables smooth navigation. 

The meditation app has a very calming voice that provides effective guided meditations to the users. In fact, there are plenty of research-backed topics that enable practice and understandable implementations. 

7. Aura 

The Aura meditation app has over 5 million users, which makes it one of the leading meditation and relaxation apps. Its huge subscription library consists of sleep stories, meditation practices, cognitive behavioural therapy, and hypnosis sessions. Furthermore, the users are also able to enjoy relaxing sounds and music through this meditation app. 

Interestingly, around 97% of the Aura app users saw improvement in sleep and behavioural well-being. The effective meditation app development enables both single meditation programs and complete mindfulness programs. 

8. The Mindfulness App 

The Mindfulness App is a robust and fantastic meditation app built to help individuals to improve life satisfaction and mental peace. Its users are able to create their own personalised sessions while determining the length, voice, and background sounds. 

There are plenty of guided meditations that help people to improve their mindfulness, happiness, and overall well-being. In fact, the users get 250+ meditations from world-famous experts. Customization and personalization are also possible to meet individual user preferences and needs. 

9. iBreathe 

iBreathe is a simple yet very effective application to teach deep breathing exercises. It is a perfect solution for people with stress, anxiety, insomnia, or breathing issues. Furthermore, these are pre-defined presets that are specifically designed to help people with different levels of stress and anxiety. 

The meditation and relaxation app is only available for iOS devices. In fact, the app is well optimized for numerous Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, etc. Above all, the user interface is built with simplicity without any bloat or cluttering.

 This helps the user to focus on the meditation lessons instead of any distractions. They must have collaborated with a leading mobile app development company to develop such a robust app. 

10. Oak 

Oak help users to achieve mental peace through its three sections; Meditate, Breathe, and Sleep. It is a very straightforward meditation app that helps users to meditate with a clean and minimalist user interface. Even beginners are able to instantly understand the meditation exercises from this app. The overall experience is very fulfilling and enjoyable for the users. 

There are plenty of mixed exercises that would rejuvenate stressful minds. Ultimately, the simple and straightforward interface makes the user experience fulfilling. 

Building Your Own Meditation and Relaxation Apps 

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