Recruitment your Close ones by Referrals in Odoo 13

Recruiting trustful employees has always been a burden for any company since they should study thoroughly the background of their education history, work experience, and much more about their personal life. It would be better more advantageous to the company if the current employees can refer a new one from their personal relations thus making sure that they are up for the job.

This blog will provide details on how referral recruitment works in Odoo,
How to Send a job posting to a friend or a relative,
How Recruitment is conducted based on referrals and
The point-based system in referral recruitment

How Referral Recruitment Works in Odoo?

The Odoo platform allows the user and the employees of the company to refer their friends and relatives for the various job postings available inside the organization. The Odoo platform has a separate module for referral functionality. The module stands out from the other aspects of the business operation in Odoo as it has been provided with an additional visual parameter to look like a designer page and has a cool outlook since it’s been only used by the employees inside the organization. The module works on the basis of referral rewards being provided to the users and its employees. The points are calculated for the rewards based on the various actions taken on the job application of a person who has been referred to the company for a posting by one of its employees.

The platform allows a separate dashboard for referrals to each employee while logging in to the platform. From which an employee can refer to a person outside the organization by sending them emails, social media messages and postings. If the person is hired by the company the referred employee is provided with reward points from which he/ she can purchase the products in the inventory by paying in terms of products.

An employee can choose the referral module to refer a person to the job listings available. The below image depicts the dashboard of the referral module to the employee. He/ she can view all the points achieved by them and the level on which they stand. The employee can also view the referrals made by them for various job postings in the company, the ongoing ones and the successful ones by selecting respective icons in the dashboard page. In order to view and refer to the available jobs at the instance the employee can select the view jobs option. 

Recruitment your close ones by referrals in Odoo 13

Send a job posting to a friend or an relative

On selecting to view the jobs available the employee can view all the job postings available at the instance. All job postings can be filtered based on the company if the user has multiple companies allocated to the Odoo platform and based on the responsible person to which the job posting is allocated to. There are also various filtering and group by functionality which can be customised while sorting out the various job postings and saved as the favourites. On finding a suitable job the employee can share it with a person via email by enabling the refer a friend option. The job posting can also be shared via commonly used social media platforms such as facebook, Twitter And Linked in.

Recruitment your close ones by referrals in Odoo 13

Upon opting to share with a friend the employee is depicted with a pop up window as shown in the below image. The employee is liable to provide the email address to which it should be shared to. There is a default subject and body prescribed by the Odoo platform which can be edited and customized as per the needs of the employee or the user. There are various editing options available and the employee can provide a link and attach a document to the mail regarding the job posting. On editing the mail the user should select the sent mail option.

Recruitment your close ones by referrals in Odoo 13

When the mail reaches the respective person whom the employee has referred to upon selecting the link available in the mail  he/ she is directed to the company website where the postings have been listed. The website displays the job description, duties and the qualification needed. Upon verifying all the job details if the person possesses all the credentials he/ she can apply for the job by selecting the apply now icon. 

Recruitment your close ones by referrals in Odoo 13

Recruitment based on referrals

If the person applies for the job it’s been depicted in the recruitment module of the platform as shown below. The user can adjust the stage of operation in the recruitment process.

Recruitment your close ones by referrals in Odoo 13

By selecting the job application the user can view that it’s given high priority and is referred by the user for the job application.The user can conduct interviews and tests for  the applicant and perform valuation activities to find out that he/ she is well qualified for the position. If the applicant clears all the stages of the recruitment process he/ she is sent an offer letter link for the job and if it has been accepted they are hired as the employees of the company or the organization.

Recruitment your close ones by referrals in Odoo 13

Upon acceptance of the application every company wants their new joinees to sign a contract containing all the clauses, terms and conditions for being in the company. All the duties of the job are being described and the reporting manager details are being mentioned. If the contract is signed the application in the recruitment dashboard is moved to the contract signed stage of the recruitment process.

Recruitment your close ones by referrals in Odoo 13

As the referral employee logs back into the dashboard he is depicted that the referred person has been hired and the recruitment process has been completed. The employee can choose an avatar from the default options available for the new recruit or his/ her friend.

Recruitment your close ones by referrals in Odoo 13

Point based system in referral recruitment 

Since the hiring is based on the referral the referred employee is provided with reward points for his or her actions to hire a qualified personal for the job posting. The employee can view the points earned in the my referral window, where the referral point for all the referrals have been depicted.

Recruitment your close ones by referrals in Odoo 13

The referral factor in the Odoo platform is much helpful since it can bring in well-qualified and talented personals into the company and moreover they can be trustworthy to their companies. Since the employee within the company are been rewarded by the platform they have the eagerness to bring in good quality people into their environment.

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