Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Pregnant?

Trying to get pregnant for a long time but nothing seems to be a success. This lead to create frustrating situations and emotionally drained moments. Sometimes you may also get shocked how most of them are getting conceived in your surroundings very easily. There are plenty of reasons why you are not getting conceive such as irregular periods, your reproductive organ structure, lifestyle, low sperm count, work stress, age factors etc. You can also visit infertility hospital in Nellore if you are looking for further fertility treatment.

Now let’s see the reason behind not getting pregnant.

Stressful Lifestyle                

Of course in this hurry bury modern lifestyle stress has become a part of your life. If you are trying to get conceive but couldn’t then this will lead to a stressful situation. First, relax and calm in all situation. Give yourself enough time and then try again. Don’t get stress over pregnancy because it will happen at the right time. In order to get away from stress filled life do exercise and meditation regularly as it surely develops positive and calm mindset for your soul and body. Have a good sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily. Besides this have a healthy diet by in taking protein, fat content foods, drink enormous water, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Age Factor

Women age factor plays a vital role in trying pregnant and getting a healthy baby. Once the women attain puberty, every month they get ovulation cycle. Women of ’20s have a higher chance of getting conceive when compared to above ’30s. As your ovulation cycle are getting regularly for more years your egg will become old. So try to get pregnant in the 20’s itself.

Irregular Periods

Irregular periods is another important thing that leads to not having babies. Irregular periods can be caused because of multiple factors like PCOS, overweight or underweight, uterine fibroids, thyroid dysfunction etc. Nowadays large count of women is not getting correct ovulation cycles because of any of the above-mentioned problem. To get rid of it you have to consult your gynecology doctor and get treatment of your infertility problem.

Male infertility issues

Infertility problem is not only caused by female it also affects the male too. Sometimes, your partner also has a fertility problem but may not show any of the symptoms. Male fertility issue can be observed by taking tests like semen analysis which examines the health of sperm and semen. The issues may be low sperm count, poor sperm quality, sperm blockage etc.


Endometriosis is the serious causes of not getting pregnant. Endometrium tissue lines the uterus but if it develops outside of the uterus then you are affected by endometriosis. People having endometriosis problem likely to get symptoms like painful periods, heavy pain in the pelvic region. This endometriosis is not diagnosed with ultrasound or blood test. It can be diagnosed only by doing diagnostic laparoscopic surgery.

Try continuously because for many people it takes 4 months to attain conceive, but for some, it even takes 12 months to get pregnant. Mostly take intercourse if you get period cycle day 1, then have intercourse on day 7. Take more vitamin D foods, fresh water, follow a good lifestyle. If these tips don’t help you to get pregnant. Then visit infertility centre in Nellore and take fertility treatment to attain pregnant and have a healthy baby.