Explore Top 6 Places to Must Visit in Verona

The beautiful town of Verona is known much for the tourist attractions. Verona got much popularised after writer William Shakespeare popularised city through the famous play of romeo and Juliet. Apart from that there are plenty of other worth visiting tourist attractions in the city. If you are planning to visit verona anytime soon then here are few places that you cannot ignore visiting.

Places to Must Visit in Verona

1. Juliet’s Balcony & Statue

Shakespeare took inspiration from the real story of Romeo and Juliet which involved politics and certain other conflicts. In the heart of Verona lies casa de Giulietta museum which consists of two of the most popular aspects from the time of Romeo and Juliet. Both Juliet’s balcony and its statue is much visited every year by the tourists. There is an odd tradition of holding Juliet’s breast and making a wish which is followed by most of the tourists.

2. Teatro Romano

This place is now in the form of remains which have been partially reconstructed and is used during the summers for multiple purposes. The place includes a semi circular area which lies very close to the river and welcomes a large number of visitors during summers. A lot of people come here for the top view.

3. Giardino Giusti

This place is a bit away from the city and is a beautiful garden full of greenery. The plants that stand here were first planted by the giusti family and hence the name. The place elicits a peaceful sight view of the fountains, gardens, and the hills. This is the best place if you wish to avoid the city hustle and enjoy an afternoon picnic with your family.

4. Centro Storico

Shopping is the most important part of any trip or outing and Centro Storico is the best place in Verona for shopping. It has all the high end brands and even some local vendors to shop from. You will find the best H&M and Valentino stock in this market. You will get the best shopping experience of verona in this place.

5. The Verona Cathedral

The much known Verona Cathedral is a roman catholic cathedral visited by a very large majority of catholic visitors. It was destroyed by a bad earthquake in the year 1117 but was reconstructed again. It is one of the oldest cathedrals of the town.

6. Castel San Pietro

If you wish to take a stroll in some of the most famous parts of the city, then this place is the best for same. This might seem as an abandoned castle to you but holds much importance in terms of the most visited tourist attractions of Verona. This castle has some very lush green tree lined avenues which is the best place for taking a stroll.

Verona is the city of Romance and every person should visit this place at least once in their lifetime. When visiting Verona do not miss out the places listed above. Also, for visiting any place listed above or any other place straight from the airport, you can use Verona airport transfers which are the most comfortable and luxurious travel options in the city.