Top 5 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ is well-known for its wonderful weather. With year-round warm temperatures, outdoor activities are a favorite hobby. These are some of the best outdoor activities that you can enjoy while in Tucson, AZ.

1. Explore Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon

The highest summit of Mount Lemmon is 9,159 feet, and the many hills and slopes are perfect for outdoor activities. Each mountaintop offers unique and impressive views of the Tucson city below. The mountain was first scaled by a famous botanist,  Sara Plummer Lemmon, in 1881, and the mountain was named after her. Today, those looking for a challenge head to the famous Mount Lemmon and attempt to see which peaks of the mountain they can successfully climb. Is climbing not your thing? Drive to the Mount Lemmon scenic byway and pull off to take in some of the amazing desert views.

2. Go Underground at the Colossal Cave Mountain Park

If you do not enjoy heights, you might find the Colossal Cave Mountain Park to be entertaining. This 2,000-acre park is full of underground caves to explore. You can sign up for a guided tour for a half hour informative exploration of the caves. Unique tour options include exploring the cave ladder experience or going on a wild cave tour. You can also choose to explore additional parts of the expansive park by horseback.

3. Spend the Day at Reid Park Zoo

Spending the day at the Reid Park Zoo is the perfect family-friendly Tucson activity. The zoo is open year-round and is home to all of your favorite animals including elephants, meerkats, zebras, grizzly bears, lions, and even tigers. There is also a long list of on-site reptiles. The Reid Park Zoo is also very educational with the ability to take a guided tour through the zoo or to learn more about individual animals via their website. The zoo often holds family-friendly events, like the zoo lights for the holidays or the nature play event for younger children.

4. Tucson’s Bike Tours

Taking in the sights of Tucson, AZ by bike is an entirely unique experience. With a bike tour, you can rent a bike for the day and take a guided tour through some of Tucson’s most historic neighborhoods. During the tour, you will see the vibrant architecture of the city, while also getting the opportunity to explore local old forts and modern art centers. The bike rentals are affordable and you can rent by the hour or day.

5. Rent a Hotel Room in the Center of the Excitement

Tucson, AZ has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor entertainment. Booking a hotel room in the center of Tucson will put you in a central location that allows you to take advantage of the beautiful and warm outdoors of the city. Leave your hotel room, hop on your bike rental, and go explore the city.

Tucson, AZ is the perfect destination for those travelers looking for outdoor entertainment. There are beautiful views and outdoor activities for all skill levels. Plan your trip to Tucson for a great outdoor experience.