Find Top 10 Negative Effects of Tobacco, Cigarettes, and Nicotine

Negative Effects of Tobacco, Cigarettes

Have you ever imagined tobacco, cigarettes, and Nicotine could have a substitute in a healthy way?

Have you ever imagined a person could quit cigarettes and switch to a better one? Yes, everything is possible. No doubt the discussed topic consists of Nicotine and is a harmful chemical. But the harmful chemical can be served in a better way.

Before understanding the feature and characteristics of the e-cigs you need to understand what the negative effects of smoking and consuming tobacco. Let’s start without further ado:

1. Bad odor and Smell in the hair

While we smoke it is not the environment or human beings or our internal body system which gets affected but the clothes, hair, hands, etc get affected. It gives rise to smell constraint and if a person is standing nearby (The person does not smoke) he or she even if smells like cigarette smoke.

2. Second-Hand smoking leads to TB and other problems as well

There is a new trend of second-hand smoking one cigarette and is smoked what they call it as puff by more than 10 people. This may lead to T.B, bronchitis and children get more affected to this type of disease.

3. The person does not desire to take proper diet

Chain smoker doesn’t wish to take food. The body gets addicted to the weeds, cigarettes in such form that person lose interest in taking or consuming a normal diet. As a result of which the person becomes thin, and this gives rise to other problems as well.

4. It increases the cholesterol level

There are two types of cholesterol one is bad cholesterol, and other is good cholesterol, it increases the accumulation of bad cholesterol which makes the person dull and clumsy.

5. It affects the skin in large amount

Smoking of Cigarettes give rise to faster aging of the skin, and the skin becomes rough and dry, and wrinkles get to form an early age.

6. It affects the environment and causes environmental pollution

Nature is the wonderful gift of GOD. The environment is eternal beauty on the earth, but we humans have become the criminal for the same. Be it constructing a building or making apartments we cut down the trees. Similarly while smoking the cigarettes, we exhale the smoky fumes which directly affects the plants, makes the soil infertile and increase the amount of carbon dioxide. This causes various skin problems and lungs disease. As a result, it leads to environmental pollution.

7. It breaks the financial growth of a person

Every person has a desire to be financially stable. The tobacco & Cigarettes may seem low cost. But if we consume 10 cigarettes per day, all the income is inclined towards the same; whatever incomes come to vanish way with all the fumes.

It may lead to various conflicts in the house, and the children get badly affected. Imagine while this process the person falls ill and is admitted to the hospital. This requires a huge sum of money, and if the person is not claimed under ESIC, then it will break the financial growth of the person.

8. It becomes an acquired constraint

Imagine there is a newborn baby, the baby replicates the same things whatever the elders or parents do. If one of the parents or the elder makes a habit of smoking weeds, cigarettes and tobacco, the child also replicates the same, and it is called to be acquired constraint not hereditary.

9. It affects the professional growth of a person as well

Professional place doesn’t allow a person to intake alcohol or consume any types of weeds so, many professionals go out for consumption of the same at a regular interval, this becomes hindrance for the work, and they have to do late sitting for the same and becomes tedious for the person. For them, energy drink or energy bar don’t matter what gives them energy and protein is the wildest and harmful tobacco & cigarettes.

10. It gives rise to mood swings

Mood swings are a common problem nowadays, but sometimes mood swings become intolerable. Sometimes you are in a happy mood, and sometimes you are crying for no reason. Intake of tobacco and cigarettes can give rise to the same constraint and becomes out of control.

The features of electronic cigarettes

  • It has a starter Kit– The starter kit provided by the constraint where it has one stop delivery at your place which contains pod (there are 4 varieties of Pod in a box with different clarity), 1 user guide which contains safety concern and the guide, 1 charger pot, it includes anti-lock technology and with extended warranty.
  • Flavors of Vape Pod– The Vape Pod constitutes or contains like strawberry, (Tropical Mango), mighty mint, etc.
  • It has smooth inhalation facility– Smooth inhalation is what we all need. The users have a great experience while using the same. It has high-quality inhalation constraint and has clean pod all the time.
  • Extended Battery life– In electronic items what we require is good battery life. The battery is what depends upon the usability. The POD is approximately 0.9ml.  The puff capacity is on an average of 240 per pod, which makes the person delightful.
  • The device is sleek and durable in nature– We all want devices which is handy and is lightweight. It can be carried out during adventure or while during the outing.
  • The option of Anti- Leak Technology- Since it is a technology what we want is everything to be well equipped, sometimes the gel inserted or designed with the pod may leak. So, the makers make sure they do have an anti-lock technology.


Every technology, every product has its merits and demerits. We must analyze the same. We should always ensure that the demerits do not overcome the merit constraint. No doubt, the product is good and reliable but it has nicotine, and nicotine consumption must be done in a limited constraint.