Moving your boat by road? Things to know before moving

Moving the boat by road transport is counted to be a sophisticated manner. Using road transport to new cruising areas is a practical method and considered cost-effective compared to deliveries done by sea. The boat owners have the primary objective of experiencing a guaranteed moving. That’s why; most of the moving companies follow a specific practice of loading procedures. 

Moving your boat
  • A team of qualified operatives should load the boat onto the trailer. 
  • Ensuring that crafts are safely towed on the vehicle, there should be hull support and adjustable padded arms. 
  • Afterward, the boat should be inspected properly to find any kind of damage and be informed to the loading team. 
  • Always measuring the correct traveling height so that the boat should be moved safely to the selected route. 

What things should you consider for the safe transport of your boat?

It is advisable by the experts to follow the safety points before you think about moving your boat by road transport. 

  • All the items inside the boat must be appropriately covered with cushioned materials. 
  • Carefully turning off the batteries and bottles while keeping them isolated. 
  • Remove every dangerous material present on the boat. 
  • Either remove or lower down the radio aerials, radar arches, and lighting gantries. 
  • Removal of a splash screen or protect them. 
  • Safe use of ropes and fenders. 
  • The paperwork should be done in advance so that anything shouldn’t be missed out at the last time. 
  • Canopies must be removed to avoid any kind of damage like loose or turn canvas. 
  • Cautiously remove and wrap up the yacht masts keeping it away from vibration and chafing. 

Most of the companies look into the customer’s inquiry and plan likewise for a trouble-free move of your boat. One must clear all the confusion regarding the price range, probable time, boat dimensions, distance to be covered, and many more. All these parameters are essential for setting up the plan and moving the boat effectively. The companies basically work with the objective of combining all the factors while creating an opportunity that is beneficial for both the customers and companies. 

How can you prepare yourself for the transportation of the boat by road?

Now, it is time for you to take some measurable steps to prepare your boat to move. 

Getting the perfect picture. 

There might be chances that the boat gets damaged at the time of transportation. Hence, you must be sure of the documentation and condition of your boat before shipping. Take the pictures so that you can use them in the future if you have to make potential claims. Your boat should be cleaned before taking the photographs of the exterior. Make sure you take the pictures from multiple angles of different boat parts. 

Learn about the security check


Before moving your boat during shipment, one should ensure that all the accessories are safe. Secure the doors by tying them, and in case of finding any leakage, seal them as soon as possible. Latch all the cabin windows. Whenever it is about securing the heavy items, it is better to strap them and packed using a supreme range of cushioned materials. 

Dealing with drainage

Emptying the fuel, waste tanks, and water from the boat is an ideal step to take before transportation. Moreover, it is also suggested to remove the drain plugs. If the transportation is destined in winters, the water systems and pumps must be properly drained. Apart from the liquids, the power system should also be evaded, disconnecting the batteries and protecting the cables in order to prevent accidental contact. 

What about the big orders?

Whenever we talk about overland transportation, thirteen feet, and six inches is considering being a standard. There are many boats consist of an arch, bridge, tower, or pulpit that are counted amongst the taller boats and thus, need to be removed beforehand. 

  • High expectations

By contacting a reputable shipping company, you can leave all your stress behind. You have to rely on them in terms of the safe arrival of your boat. 

Companies who are expertise in such delivery often have all types of permits required at the transportation time. They are helping so many owners move their boats by road and hence, successfully established a strong relationship with them for future things. The professionals make sure that the boat must be prepared for transport no matters how far are the distance. They use secure hatches with tapes to prevent water damage and securely close all the cabin doors. 

This clearly indicates that if you plan to move your boat by road, then contact a trustable shipping company.