Learn to love yourself with 5 secrets to elevating your values

The fish are very good at swimming and the birds are very good at flying. No one judges a bird by swimming ability, or how-to guide a fish how to fly. Each individual possesses his own unique qualities. Therefore, life becomes more meaningful if we love and understand our own values.

“I’m so poor”, “I’m not as good and beautiful as others”, “My life is boring and boring” … Have you ever tormented yourself with such statements? Have you ever doubted yourself or feared that you weren’t good enough? Because we live in the middle of the “sea of ​​information”, we often get caught up in the values ​​defined by the media and society. Negative judgments from it will also arise, and “submerge” the good and our valuable opportunities.

Understanding your values ​​will help you stand firm in the midst of life’s storms and develop the strengths you have. Let us learn how to love yourself through 5 tips below!

Do not wait for others to recognize your worth

Instead of trusting and understanding ourselves, many of us seek our values ​​through the recognition of others. We still embrace the hope that someday, the good things we have will be appreciated. The opinions of those around us have always become “conditions” to prove our completeness and completeness. We will live in anxiety and no longer be ourselves.

At this point, the first thing to do is to love yourself. Although there are still many shortcomings, imperfections, respect, and accept your true self. Be grateful and learn from the suggestions, but do not lower the value of those words. Efforts to improve are not synonymous with self-judgment. When you know how to love yourself and stop looking for external praise, your inner beauty has a chance to shine.

Learn how to give up

Old things need to leave to make room for new things. How can a neat and neat house be spacious and spacious but inside? The feeling is the same, when we hold on to so many stories, the hurt of the past, the present will become heavy and gloomy. “Clean” your soul more often to remove the negative “debris” left in the memory, the mental barriers that prevent you from great things.

One of the helpful methods to help you overcome the “shadow” of the past is to write down the things you still have trouble and outline the future directions. This way, you can see the “underground waves” from problems and then solve them thoroughly. The purification of the soul will be speeded up quickly if you perform this exercise on a regular basis. You can write at any time you feel comfortable, but it’s best every morning after waking up or the evening before bed.

Stop comparison

We need to understand that all comparisons are lame because each person is born separate individuals. We are different from the environment, the way we educate, the character, the talent … Despite advancing progress, comparisons strangle us with the pressures, the frameworks, not only that, but they also cause damage to each person’s self-esteem and confidence. Nowadays, with the development of social networks – which cover so many beautiful things, it is easier for us to feel guilty when we see the “perfect” life of others through interesting and brilliant images. We become self-deprecating when we impose on others the value of ourselves, forgetting that we also possess wonderful and priceless “gifts”.

Each person is a “piece” in the “picture” of colorful life. Instead of going outward, focus on the inside to nurture your soul and good values. The “picture” will be complete if each “piece” knows how to strive to rise every day. So to be better, don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself of yesterday.

Responsible for your own life

Have you ever felt like playing with ups and downs? At that time, will you bravely confront or flee and blame the environment? You hold the fate of your own, so do not let others “live” for your life. Take responsibility for your actions, be active in your life, and don’t be a mistletoe to anyone. Justifying problems and viewing ourselves as victims of life means that we are giving them the freedom to live and choose freely into the hands of others.

Life is a book written by us. So fill the book with happy and meaningful moments. Changing ourselves and living responsibly, we will always stand firm against difficulties and create a more happy and successful life.