Know The Use Of Bookmarks on iPad and iPhone

You might be knowing how to save the bookmarks on the iPhone and iPad but you might not be knowing how many cool things that you can do with them. The customization of the Safari home screen is one option but it is just the beginning. Technographx has brought this article to you to acknowledge you how to really use bookmarks on iPhone.

For bookmarking the web page, just tap the share arrow in Safari and then you have to scroll along the bottom row of buttons until you find Add Bookmark. Now, tap that and fill out the name and pick a location in it. Now, you have to tap save and then your bookmark will be saved.

Now, many people have the problem of finding a particular bookmark when they have saved a bunch of bookmarks. The easiest way is to start typing some part of the bookmark’s name or the address in the search bar, the place where you normally type the URLs and Google searches.

The autocomplete feature of Safari will pull down all your bookmarks and so all the bookmarks will be shown up here in the section called Bookmarks and History.

You can also tap the little Bookmark icon which is there at the bottom of the screen of the iPhone and on the top left on iPad and browse your saved bookmarks. You will see the list of saved bookmarks and also the folders that you have created.

Bookmark folders on iPhone

If you are saving a lot of bookmarks then you can organize them into the folders. You can specify the folder where you want the bookmark to be saved. For creating a new bookmark folder in Safari on the iPhone, you have to just open up the Bookmarks section and then tap the edit button. You can delete the existing bookmarks and folders and also can drag them for re-ordering.

For creating a new folder, just tap the New Folder button. You have to give a folder name and also choose the location. You can place the folder inside any other folder or at the top level of the list of bookmarks. A new folder will be created when you tap Done.

Special bookmark folders

There are one or two special bookmark folders also provided to you. One is called the Favorites. Any bookmark that you save in the Favorites section will also show up in the bookmarks bar of Safari on the Mac and iPad. These favorites will also sync when you sync your Safari settings via iCloud. The bar is a good place to store oft-used sites such as the email service. It is also the spot to store the bookmarklets that are having their own special function. For instance, you can add a bookmarklet that can translate the current page with a single tap.

The second special folder is chosen by you. At the time when you open a new tab in Safari, you will see a grid of bookmarked sites. These bookmarks will be taken from the Favorites folder by default and will be mixed with the oft-viewed sites and recent sites. You can pick any folder as the source for this new tab grid. For changing the new tab folder, move to Settings and then Safari on the iPhone or iPad and then tap Favorites in the General section.  

You will see a list of bookmark folders. Now, you have to tap the one you want to set it. Now, when you open a new tab, you will see the bookmarks from this list. You can also set a different folder for each of your devices.

You can also save the bookmark on the Home Screen of your iPhone. After doing this, an icon will be added to the home screen, next to your apps. You can also move it around just like any other app. When you tap the bookmark icon, the pager will be loaded in the Safari.

How to edit bookmarks on iPhone

It is very easy to edit your bookmarks. You have to just tap the Bookmarks icon in Safari and then tap the edit button. You will see a familiar edit screen with red colored delete buttons next to each folder and bookmark. You can even tap the item to rename it or for editing the address. You can even drag to reorder the folders and bookmarks and you can even add new folders.

So, this was an overview of the bookmarks that you can add on your iPhone, iPad or Mac for easily accessing the sites that you visit frequently. You can easily delete bookmarks on iPad also if you don’t want them.