Know How to Click Pet Photos From the Top Ranking Photography Institutes in India

Clicking pets’ pictures are never easy. May be you have managed to take a couple of photos with your furry friends, but trust us, that’s accidental. If you genuinely want to capture their action into photos, there are a lot to learn.

Some people, who practically love every animal and want them as pet but cannot, were not able to click photos of their pets. People are pursuing different courses of photography from reputed institutions and pet photography is literally there in the syllabus. However, no great photographer has ever claimed that only going through the syllabus has made him successful in career. However, the practical discourses are much effective is every sphere of photography.

Let us check what the top ranking photography institutes in India has to say about pet photography-

  • Planning always pay in the long run. So make an effective plan before your pet photo shoot. Choose a sunny day to get the best pictures. Pets love outside. Take them to the park, to the lawn or to the poolside. Even a short drive to the pastures works wonderful to free the pets in the nature. This way you do not have to look for artificial lights, camera settings and availability of studios. Use natural light and capture the best photo of your pet at ease.
  • Get the pets acquainted with the camera sound. The shutter sound of a cameras irritates them, sometimes hampers their natural mood. However, if you invest a few time with the pet and make the shutter sound familiar to its ears, real time shooting would go smooth.  Veteran photographers, who are teaching top photography courses in India into leading institutes, say that taking a few snaps near them helps in understanding the sound. You can see their reaction to the noise before you start shooting.
  • Go with a one hand- held camera so that the pet do not get frightened.  If you are using a large DSLR with huge lenses, it is sure to freak them out. Instead a one- hand- help camera would help you use the other hand to hold a toy or a treat to get the pet’s attention.
  • Accentuate the size of the pet you are clicking. If you have a really small kitten, place a football beside her to scale its size. If it’s a old horse, capture the fading grey hairs. For a game loving doggy, bring on some props and toys and engage him into action. You will get the shot you need.
  • Pet photography takes a lot of patience to get the perfect shot. Pets are moody and always moving. A photographer needs to understand the personality and then plan for a shoot.

There’s no syllabus to make an excellent pet photo. These tips however are the fundamentals to start with. Theories were never useful when it comes to practical discourses. So go out for a shooting and learn by yourself.