Find Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Car Interior Clean

Having a clean car helps your life run more smoothly. You’ll feel more relaxed on your daily commute and give a better impression to anyone to whom you offer a ride. Plus, regular maintenance and accessories like custom seat covers will help you maintain the value in your vehicle in case you want to sell it.

If you spend a lot of time in your car, though, or if you have small children, the chances are higher that your car is more often untidy than ordered and neat. The good news, though, is that small tasks can add up to help you keep your car clean! Try these four hacks on a regular basis to keep your vehicle looking spick and span.

Keep Your Car Interior Clean

1. Keep Wipes and Cleaners Handy

Grab a container of interior detailing wipes from your local hardware store and keep it in your car. Rather than using up your Saturday afternoon giving your car a thorough cleaning, spend a few minutes every day conveniently wiping down the dash, seatbelts, steering wheel, cup holders and leather or vinyl upholstery or car seat covers. Got more stubborn grime to tackle? Try a Magic Eraser to easily make these spots vanish.

Keep Your Car Interior Clean

2. Get In the Grooves

Vents are known for retaining dust, and it can be really frustrating to get them clean. For a more thorough cleaning job, tackle these hard-to-access spaces with foam paint brushes commonly used for arts and crafts. They easily slide into the narrow grooves and eliminate hard-to-reach dust and grime.

Keep Your Car Interior Clean

3. Cover Up Cup Holders

Who doesn’t hate the sticky mess that cup holders can become? It can be a real pain to clean up the residue of a spilled soda or cup of coffee. Make this job easy by lining your cup holders with a couple of muffin cups made of either paper for quick disposal or silicone, which you can easily wash off each day and replace.

Keep Your Car Interior Clean

4. Protect Your Passenger Area

Whether it’s your wet dog or your sloppy kids who are riding with you, invest in a car seat cover that can easily be taken off and laundered. It’s much quicker to take these out and toss them in the wash than to give the seat upholstery a thorough, deep down cleaning. Plus, you can purchase them in several different fabrics and styles to keep your car looking exactly the way you like it.

Whether you drive a Jaguar or a Jeep, a clean vehicle will help you relax and enjoy your drive that much more. Try these tips to keep your vehicle neat and tidy!