Is It Necessary to Invest In Solar Water Heating- Common FAQs

The hot water heating system of your home plays a vital role in providing the sufficient hot water to meet the needs of your family’s hygiene. It performs efficiently because it is directly connected to the main plumbing system of your home. But the old and traditional models are quite expensive and release a high amount of greenhouses gases.

With the introduction of the solar water heating system, you may switch into a modern and advanced option for water heating. But several people are there still confusion regarding ‘is it worth to make an investment in the solar hot water heating system?’ Well, this write-up will answer this! Let’s check it.

What is actually solar hot water system?

Solar water heating system is entirely eco-friendly and utilises heat and rays of the sun for heating up the pool of water before delivering it to you. Solar collectors are usually installed on the terrace in such a way so that it gets sun’s heat throughout the day.

To ensure optimal trapping of sun’s heat any obstacles including trees must be removed as it will eliminate shading at the same time. Its performance is much identical to that of the greenhouse, collection of sun’s heat via trapping and glazing of the inner chamber.

Even this hot water tank is designed in such a way that at the time of providing hot water via heated chamber, its temperature increases continuously. Hence you will be assured with the sufficient supply of hot water. You can attach a pump and a storage tank with it for constant water flow and storing of hot water for future purposes respectively. 

Different kinds of solar water heaters

Several kinds of solar hot water heating are available in the market today. Some of them are given below:

  • Theromsiphon Hot Water Systems: This unique system uses direct heat to make the water hot in solar collector and then naturally passes it on to the storage tank. As there is no utilisation of pumps, it cannot protect against low temperatures. This system is generally used in vacation cabins and cottages for attaining seasonal requirements.
  • Drainback Systems: The collector of this system will start warming the water as soon as it gets drop down below the set limit. It is highly preferable in colder regions and can efficiently perform for you.
  • HTF Systems: This system additionally uses a unique heat transfer fluid solution (antifreeze diluted with water) for carrying the exchange of heat-to-heat transfer between the storage tanks. It is widely used in winter when the temperature drops down below freezing level.

Pumps are used for several models at the same time includingDrainback solar hot water systems and HTF. Thus, it is necessary to power them by electricity with the help of a PV panel. You must be concerned regarding the possible outcomes of using pumps in the solar water heating system otherwise it is better to use the traditional pumps if it works well.

Does solar hot water system actually work?

For the last few years, this eco-friendly system grabs all the attention of the people due to its performance ability to supply as much hot water as you need. Even if you want to store some amount of hot water for future purposes you can easily do it with this solar hot water system without any hesitation.

Solar hot water heating system is effective in trapping sun rays even in cold winter days.  It will perform as long as there is bright shining sun. You may also opt for installing an ultra effective one which will perform even on cloudy days and make the water hot to attain your daily needs. 

What is the best size of solar water heating for your home?

The size of the solar water heating system you are looking for is completely different from that of the others. It is so; because it depends on the number of family members in your home including appliances and fixtures you use on a daily basis.

Even the capacity you need to fulfil all your daily hygiene needs is also a considerable factor to select the right size of the solar water heating system for your home. No matter what the size of the water heating system is, solar collectors are almost of same size.

Rather you can choose the number of solar collector for your water heating system. If it is quite small you only need 1 solar collector, otherwise the number can increase as per the size of the tank of your selected solar water heating system.

Where will be the solar collectors installed?

Nowadays, most of the houses keep suitable location on their rooftop. Of course, people prefer to install the solar collector on the terrace yet the distance within the bathroom, storage tanks, solar collectors, laundry and kitchen greatly affect its efficiency. So, try to install solar water heating system within an appropriate distance to enhance its performing ability.

Rather performing the DIY installation procedure, you must call out for a professional urgent plumber near me for the perfect assessment of the location to install it. Your home terrace will also be checked minutely to detect whether it has the ability to hold the system well and firmly or not!

In the meantime, make sure that all the external pipes of your plumbing system are insulated so that it can be protected from freezing, degradation and UV damage.

Before purchasing the system, you must also consider whether the installation of solar water heating system in home is lawfully implemented or not! If it is legal, then there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you cannot implement it or have to seek the permission lawfully.     

Is DIY possible for a solar hot water system?

Supply of hot water is very vital for meeting the basic needs of your family. Nowadays, people want to install such a water heating system in their house which possesses low maintenance and utmost reliable. With solar hot water heating system you will get a number of benefits and it saves your electricity bill at the same time.

But the system is quite complicated as it is to be attached to the main household plumbing system and powered by either solar power or traditional electricity. Even the initial installation is quite tough as well and thus you must call out for one of the popular plumbers in London to install it in your home perfectly.

Several people with certain level of skills and expertise in plumbing may try to install it but an experienced plumber can perform the unrivalled task for your need. Also, an expert of solar power system can assist you in selecting the right size for your home and assess the full design and installation procedure.

You will be also assured with the mounting security and optimal operation of all the components. If you experience any problem in the future, you can call a solar power specialist to discuss about the issue and its effective solution.

While you are going to buy any solar hot water heating system, you must consider the priority of your family members and choose wisely on the basis of its functional capability. Today, most of the house needs modern solar water heating system with immaculate features and highly reliable to give optimum performance.

Besides design, you must install it in the right location so that you can get efficient performance of it. Of course, a conventional solar water heating system is there to back up the hot water for your future purposes.

But there is nothing to worry about with the all-new solar water heating system as it will always supply you with hot water whenever you require. 24 hour urgent plumbing services in London are available there for you by 4D Heating and Plumbing to account any plumbing issue on an urgent basis.