IoT: Will it Impact Online Gaming?

The Internet of Things has promised to transmute the way people live by connecting sensors, appliances, and different other electronics to each other via local networks and the Internet at large. It is a way for individuals, businesses, and even governments to automatically and flawlessly share and collect data on an unparalleled scale. For gaming operators, it is surely an opportunity to involve with players via a capable and highly-rewarding channel.

Indeed the impact of Internet of things gaming industry is huge.  Nobody can deny the fact that this is the revolution taking place. But again there are many people who don’t even know what really this internet of things is. Well, before you go any further have a quick peep.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a current trend wherein more and more electronic devices –monitors, sensors, cameras and other equipment are connected to each other via local and worldwide networks. In the conventional way, you might think of the Internet as a simple network of devices that people interact with on a personal basis like laptops, workstations, and even mobile devices. The IoT is specifically designed to be an interface for communications that is machine-to-machine, permitting the small embedded electronics to send data to other types of devices that too in the absence of input from a user.

The IoT is not really a new concept, but faster Internet connections and the decrease in the cost of small, low-power devices has headed to an amazing deal of increased interest in the zone. Already people have security units, biometric monitors, utility meters, and even remote identification chips that can convey data to and from distant destinations. Homes and businesses both make use of IoT-enabled devices to witness security footage from smartphones, lock or unlock buildings through Web browser, and even automatically alert fire or police departments in the instance of a fire or break-in.

But how is it impacting the online gaming?

Like the Internet of Things, the online gaming area has seen unbelievable year-over-year progress with the propagation of high speed Internet and mobile computing. In the previous decade, the worldwide market has closely tripled.  Game operators and professionals already depend a lot on analytics to track player involvement and also keep the players interested. Loyalty programs have historically achieved this by rewarding players and cater the incentives for continuing to play, while still permitting the operator to make the most of returns. It is something that demands a lot of decision making and data processing: to attain this, physical casinos do depend heavily on sensors, cameras, and even feedback from dealers to cater the data needed to make these decisions. With the IoT and online gaming, a lot of this process can get automated. The IoT has the true potential to transform online gaming in one of two manners: by bridging the physical gap between the player and the platform, and by mixing online platforms with physical casinos.


So, if you haven’t thought about IoT services for gaming then it is time that you do so.