Canadian Anabolic steroids have been used primarily for men. But for the last several decades, we have discovered various groups using different drugs – including women and youth – and why.

3.3% of the world population used anabolic steroids at least once – their use is so serious that they should be considered as a serious public health problem – we’ll know more about the experience of using humans.

In the recent analysis, Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy have been published, we have collected data from user-friendly quality surveys conducted with interviews, focus group discussions and case reports. Our results provide a tapestry for users under 14 years of age – We have seen the youngest person using anabolic steroids – the 54-year-old person. However, most studies have shown that most of the users start 30 years of age.

Who starts using anabolic steroids?

Looking at the characteristics and history of people start exercising anabolic steroids, most participated in sports – particularly power sports like bodybuilding and weightlifting – had family and relationship issues, and psychological problems like depression, negative self-image, and body discontent.  Before using anabolic steroids, many people abused other substances.

The most prominent features of anabolic steroids for the first time are power sports – both recreational and competitive – because they help users increase their muscles. Our research has shown that for some people, anabolic steroids can start after less than one year of receiving the sport. Many have reported under pressure because coaches and officials did not question the extraordinary muscle and strength of other teammates or competitors.

But sport is not just to blame. Before using anabolic steroids, many people also report psychological and social problems. The report used to be of depression, poor self-respect, eating sickness, problems of parental problems or poor social support, and even after rape, rape, or divorce. A study involving weightlifting and anabolic steroids among women rape victims found that earlier anabolic steroid users were “weak”, but later felt the need to use them to make them strong enough to have physical sensitivity. They felt they could achieve without help from steroids.

Low self-esteem and body problems can explain that most users can use anabolic steroids to improve their appearance or body image, as well as improve muscle or strength, as well as improve sports performance. It may be related to some reports using these drugs to find partners or to be more successful in improving their love life.

Before going to anabolic steroids, many people used regularly with other licenses and illegal ingredients such as alcohol, heroin, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamine. For example, heroin users started using anabolic steroids to deal with weight loss due to heroin use. It was also astonishing that some drug user was using anabolic steroids and was started in the addiction clinics to receive treatment for other medicines.

Working lives

In the study, we found out some people started using aspirin steroids to increase their performance. These were mainly jobs that require better appearance or muscularity, such as modeling and safety-for example – Club Dorman, Police, and Soldier. Some say that anabolic steroids are an essential element for the success of their work line.

For some, but not all, social effects such as media impact, peer influence, and sport or social rules also emerge as an important driver behind the use of anabolic steroids.

Many were aware of the long-term consequences of the use of anabolic steroid. Before starting, many people sought information from various sources, including health practitioners, but still continue to do so. Objectives can change with time. Some people begin to use anabolic steroids to increase their muscle or strength, and then continue to use for other reasons on the psychological problem.