Hubspot vs. Activecampaign: What Are the Differences?

differences between Hubspot vs. Activecampaign

In the past, email marketing had a reputation for being “pushy” or distracting. Moreover, some of us swiped emails away with the same irritation we’d give to telemarketers at dinnertime. Yet, email marketing is still one of the most efficient and effective forms of marketing there is.

How did email marketing get a bad reputation? Maybe because marketers pushed us to buy their books or visit their websites! Today, email marketing has a high percentage of opt-in lists and engaging emails and is expecting higher conversion rates than ever before.

To utilize email marketing to its fullest potential, you’ll need to use a marketing automation tool. Hubspot and Activecampaign are two of the leading marketing automation platforms. But which one is right for your needs?

Read on as we compare Hubspot vs. Activecampaign!


HubSpot platform growth packages range from $45 to $800 per month, and their enterprise is available for quote only. ActiveCampaign pricing ranges from $9 to $249 per month, which is better for smaller businesses due to the cheaper cost of entry.

Both offer great automation, customer segmentation, engagement, and reporting services. They both also offer a free trial and customer service and support. 

Customer Support

Hubspot offers a variety of customer support options and features. They have 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat.

They also offer an extensive knowledge base and tutorial center that provides helpful advice for users. It provides free support for its free products and offers paid support plans.

What does Activecampaign support do? It offers fundamental customer features. They have customer support via email and offer a knowledge base with helpful guides and information. Yet, unlike HubSpot audit, they do not provide phone or live chat support but do not offer free or paid customer support plans.

Both offer essential customer support. Yet, Hubspot provides a much more comprehensive support experience with its 24/7 customer support and tutorial center. ActiveCampaigns customer support is limited when compared to other ones.


What is Hubspot? It has a limited range of integrations and is not as customizable as ActiveCampaign regarding automation and workflows. Available templates are also more limited with HubSpot, which can be a disadvantage for more complex types of businesses.

ActiveCampaigns customer service is more thorough and more attentive to detail, whereas HubSpot may be less to resolve customer service issues promptly. Finally, ActiveCampaign has a more affordable per-user cost, while HubSpot’s price can be high for many small businesses. 

Ease of Use

Both offer users an easy-to-use interface, powerful analytics, and customization capabilities. The most significant difference between HubSpot and ActiveCampaign is their ease of use.

HubSpot is an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop tiles that allow you to assemble a dashboard. ActiveCampaign has an ergonomic drag-and-drop design, allowing users to build automation with relative ease. 

HubSpot vs. Activecampaign: Pick Only the Best

Both are excellent marketing automation tools offering powerful integrations. Both provide real value to enhance any business’s marketing strategy.

Evaluating both companies and testing their features to decide the best option for your business is your best option. Try out HubSpot vs. Activecampaign for free today and watch your marketing campaigns take off.

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