There are professional ways to deal with any hair accessories (hair extensions, wigs, and hair patches). Choosing a perfect piece, applying, removing, and maintaining hair accessories require careful, expert’s way. Prominently, maintenance and care need proper planned steps. If you are going to use a hair patch for a long time, don’t mess up the care routine. You can break or make your hair patch with how you deal with it!

Many clients rely on salons and experts to maintain a permanent hair patch, which is good as long as their bank complies. But we can save a lot of money by practicing and getting the care routine at our fingertips. The professional approach to caring for a hair patch is easy and DIY methods. So, anyone can do it! 

3 Ways to Maintain a Hair Patch after removing it

DIY hair patch maintenance

As a beginner trying at home, these three ways will do justice to your hair patch. These ways are cost-effective, efficient, and effortless. Your hair patch will appear as if it was unwrapped from the box after completing this maintenance procedure! The following three ways are meant to maintain your hair patch after being removed from your scalp. 

1. Remove adhesives and glue 

It is essential to remove any adhesives or glue residues from the base of your hair patch. Adhesives and glue should be removed from the lace instantly after removing a hair patch. The shampoo doesn’t clean adhesive and glue, eliminating them with an adhesive remover (Citrus Spray). Apply the adhesive remover to the lace of your hair patch and let it penetrate for two minutes. Wipe up any remaining glue residue with a piece of cloth until all traces of adhesive are gone. Repeat the procedure until the entire adhesive and glues have been removed.

If you are using a clipping hair patch, you don’t have to worry about removing adhesives – you can immediately jump to the next step (washing your hair patch with a shampoo).

2. Wash your hair patch with a mild shampoo

Avoid any alcohol-based shampoo; instead, use a mild shampoo. If you don’t have a mild shampoo, dilute the shampoo with water before applying it to your hair patch. Otherwise, the strands of your hair patch will be dehydrated, and it will lead to matting. Eliminating tangles on a hair patch is difficult, and hair loss may occur as a result. You can obtain refills for hair loss, but it’s always a good idea to take precautions.

Step 1: Fill up a bowl with lukewarm water

Now, to clean your hair patch, get a bowl that is spacious for your hair patch. Then, fill up the bowl with lukewarm water. Avoid using cold or hot water – they will damage the lace and strands of your hair patch. 

Step 2: Prepare a bath for your hair patch

Pump out two to three drops of shampoo into the bowl. Remember to use a mild shampoo, which is alcohol-free. Then use an old toothbrush to mix the shampoo with water. Stir it until the water starts to form lather. 

Step 3: Wash your hair patch

Submerge your hair patch into the mixture and gently squeeze out the strands. Wash it thoroughly for about five minutes. Then, take a jug of clean lukewarm water and rinse the hair patch. Pour the water from roots to tips until all the lather is gone. 

3. Nourish your hair patch with a leave-in conditioner

Your hair patch does not get natural moisturizing supplements like your natural hair. So, you will have to schedule a deep conditioner treatment after washing your hair patch. First, flip your hair patch upside down – let the strands flow freely. Then, rub a leave-in conditioner into your hair patch with your hands and spread it throughout the strands with a comb. Do not apply the conditioner to the lace and roots. Let the conditioner sit for about one hour. However, the leave-in conditioner works best when it can penetrate the hair for a long duration. If you have time, let the conditioner seep in overnight.

How to maintain a hair patch while you are still wearing it?

If you are wearing a hair patch for the whole day, you should have regular care tips. You may be using a high-quality human hair patch, but it still requires maintenance since it is not your real hair. Here are two ways you can maintain your hair patch while still wearing it. 

1. Brushing your hair the correct way

A hair patch is worn daily, unlike hair extensions, so it needs to be brushed daily. If you have slept with a hair patch, grab a wide-tooth comb and brush your hair gently when you go to the bathroom early in the morning. Remove each tangle with a wide-tooth comb to avoid tension and tugging of strands. Brush or comb your hair from the roots to tips. This car routine will extend the life of your hair patch.

2. Showering with a hair patch

Increase hair volume: Simple tricks.
Increase hair volume: Simple tricks.

If you are new to a hair patch, avoid showering while you are still wearing it. Wait until you get familiar with how it works! Consider consulting an expert to help you clean the hair patch. When you get accustomed to the hair patch, then you may wash it yourself at home. 

Wrap your head in a shower cap when you go for a shower – this way, you can avoid wetting your hair patch for too long. After you are done showering, wash your head with warm water. 

Follow these steps to wash your hair and hair patch

Step 1: Spray warm water on your head

Step 2: Rub a mild shampoo into your hands and run them through your hair

Step 3: Work the product into your hair with your fingers

Step 4: Rinse your hair with warm water (you may also apply a conditioner the same way)

Step 5: Dry your hair by patting them gently with a clean towel

2 Extra Tips to maintain your hair patch

1. Don’t wash them frequently

Washing a hair patch frequently strips oil and moisture from the strands resulting in frizzy, dry hair. Your scalp doesn’t supplement a hair patch with natural oils as it does to your real hair. So, limit washing your hair patch – experts advise regular users to wash their hair patch once or twice a week.

2. Treat it like your own hair

Never consider your hair patch as a piece of product because it is what gives you a smile and confidence! Maintaining a hair patch is not a difficult job; anyone can do it, so can you! Treat your hair patch right, and it will treat you better.


Well, there you go, permanent hair patch users! We have covered how to maintain a hair patch on our own. Now you know how to maintain it while still wearing it and even after removing it, so start implementing the care routine. This care routine will make your hair patch durable and more natural.