Project Delivery Methods in Construction

Construction is one of the most challenging yet progressive and profitable industries of the world. Most of the time, the construction project owner, architecture and contractor are the major stakeholders of the project. At other times, the project owner is the sole sailor of the project and makes all the decisions on his own.

To make any constriction project successful, it is necessary to pay attention and wisely choose the project delivery method. The project delivery method usually highlights the role and responsibilities of the major stakeholders. It also nominates the authority which should be consulted in the case of issues and problems in the construction.

Major Types of Project Delivery Methods

Here are the major types of project delivery methods employed in the construction industry.

i. Design-Bid-Build

The project owner finds the architect to design it and then bid it to get contractors on board.

ii. Construction Manager at Risk

The project owner separately gets the designer and contractor on board to design the project.

iii. Integrated Project Delivery

The project owner gets all the other stakeholders on board at once to improve scheduling and limit construction waste.

iv. Integrated Labor Delivery

The project owner gets in touch with the designer and contractor, while the contractor gets subcontractors and trade contractors to improve communication, designing and scheduling.

v. Multi-Prime

The project owner divides it into three stages that are designing, engineering and construction. After that, he/she contacts parties for every stage one by one.

vi. Design-Build

The project owner gets one party on board to look after all the procedures and complete the project.

This article will provide you a brief guide about project delivery methods in construction, so dig deeper and choose the best for your project.

Top 5 Points to Consider While Selecting Project Delivery Method

Selecting a project delivery method is not easier. You have to consider multiple matters which will later on impact the quality and pace of the project. If you make a hasty and unwise decision at this point, you are bound to face multiple challenges and risks till the completion of the project.

Here are the top points you should consider while selecting a project delivery method.

1. Budget

Budget is the main point that defines the quality of a project. It does not mean that you cannot create a mind-blowing and successful project with a limited budget. However, you have to ensure its proper allocation and utilization. You also have to save your project from delays and claims to save the extra cost. Most stakeholders involve delay experts from the initial phase of construction, so they do not have to face challenges in the final stage.

2. Design

Construction projects are built keeping sustainability in mind. They are expected to serve human beings for decades. So, you have to pay utmost attention to the designing phase of the project. In addition to it, while selecting the project delivery method, you have to check which one will suit you best according to the design and expectations of your project.

3. Risk

Risks are an inherent part of the construction industry. They can be mitigated or even excelled through the incorporation of project delivery. The right project delivery method will help you identify and mitigate the risks in the initial stages. On the other hand, by randomly picking any project delivery method, you will only notice the risks when they start causing problems in the project.

4. Project Control

Another important point to consider while selecting the project delivery method is to check project control. It means which party or the stakeholder should have greater control over the project. If you want it to be limited to the owner, you can pick design-build or design-bid-build methods. If you want to share the control, you can pick the integrated project delivery method.

5. Owner Expertise

The expertise of the owner matters a lot while selecting the best-suited project delivery method for your construction project. The stakeholders have to check this aspect in order to ensure that their project will not face undue challenges like delay. If you suspect any such issue, it is much better to get delay experts on board to monitor the progress and share their insights to complete the project according to schedule.

Choose the best delivery method suitable for your project!

You must have a vision for your construction project. Adjust the stakeholders and other parties in the project in the light of that vision. You will surely be able to achieve that vision successfully. However, an important thing you should not overlook at any cost is to give equal importance to professionals.

Irrespective of the expertise of project stakeholders, it can face delay and claim challenges, which can be easily resolved with the help of professionals. So, choose the best delivery method suitable for your project and involve the experts to cater to other issues.