How do I learn web development all by myself?

This is the basic question which arises in mind of every newcomer who is willing to learn web development, there is always a confusion that what is the correct method of learning web development for the person who is starting learning web development from point zero. And secondly, there is a confusion between web development and web designing to them.

It totally depends upon your learning ability that how much time it will take for you to learn web development. There is nothing so hard or something like its so difficult to design a website like a Facebook, Google, Amazon etc.

But for the beginner it could be a little scary when it comes in mind about the bunch of graphical elements like different colors, different types of fonts, images and animations etc. and one more term comes here known as the responsive websites (websites which change its layout according to the device it’s browsing).

But with the present time of changing technologies, it is not that hard to learn anymore. One can easily design his own responsive website very easily as we have a set of predefined libraries and lots of frameworks to design websites. And the best part is that they are freely available to use you just have to learn how to use them.

Here we have discussed different stages you need to follow while learning web development:

Stage 1- HTML:

Firstly you need to learn the HTML (Hypertext markup language). Using HTML you can prepare the basic structure of a web page. You can also develop games on it.

Stage 2 – CSS:

CSS is used to beautify your web page. You can make your web pages colorful and using CSS. Even you can make animations using  CSS.

Stage 3 – JAVASCRIPT :

Till now you have learned how your website will look like, you have designed the beauty of your page till now. At this stage, you will learn to add events to your page as what action will your page elements perform when some actions will take place like clicks, mouse moves over any text etc. All these tasks will be done using JAVASCRIPT easily.


Bootstrap used to design responsive websites. Bootstrap is an open source front end framework works with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design responsive websites for pc, tablets and mobile devices.

Stage 5 – PHP:

As up to now you have learned about how your web page will look like, how the interface of your web page user will face. And How it will react upon the user’s activity but only at clients end.

But at present, there are lots of aspects we have to work over lots of aspects on the server side and the work or coding we did on the server side is in PHP language.

Stage 6 – My SQL

Now the data we are going to use for website needed to be stored in the database. So to maintain all data and record you need to learn the MY SQL. A database management system is important because it manages data efficiently and allows the user to perform multiple tasks easily.

After learning all this you can create your own website And maintain it easily. And if you are looking for any web development course in Panchkula there various institutes providing web development training.