What Is Hot Shot Trucking?

benefits of Hot Shot Trucking

Trucking is an industry that’s hard to understate. It moves most of the world’s products and is hard to replace. It’s no wonder the trucking market has a market size of $875.5 billion.

But there are different forms of trucking that make more sense, depending on your needs. For many people, hot shot trucking is a better alternative than traditional shipping methods.

Are you wondering what hot shot trucking is and why it’s worth using? Keep reading to learn the answers to your questions.

What Is Hot Shot Trucking?

Hot shot trucking is the process of hauling smaller, time-sensitive loads to customers. These are LTL loads that don’t take up an entire truck. As a result, you need smaller trucks and vans to make the deliveries.

You’ll often find hot shot truckers who specialize in certain deliveries. Some may focus on residential deliveries, but others will focus on larger equipment that takes more expertise to move.

Why Use Hot Shot Trucking?

Now that you understand what hot shot trucking is, you’ll need to determine if it’s right for you. Below are the benefits you’ll see when using hot shot trucking for your business.

1. Ship Smaller Loads

One of the most significant issues with traditional trucking solutions is the need to ship full trucks. Even if you work with a shipping company that comingles inventory, you still may not get the flexibility you need.

You get tons of flexibility with hot shot trucking. Since you don’t need to ship a full load, you can ship items as small as you want. This will avoid waiting for more inventory to make your shipments if a customer needs something immediately.

2. Different Trucks

A big issue with traditional semis when shipping products is the difficulty maneuvering those trucks. It’s hard to park them in certain locations, so you’re limited with your pickup and drop-off locations.

A hot shot driver can work in something as small as a pickup truck. This means you don’t have the same movement restrictions as a semi. You’ll be able to send your products to locations you wouldn’t otherwise be able to send them to.

3. Variety of Drivers

One of the great things about hot shot truckers is that you don’t need a commercial license under a certain weight limit. That opens the door for many independent truckers to offer you their services. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with a professional company. A business like patriotfreightgroup.com has professional drivers with expertise in every shipment type you can imagine.

4. Same-Day Delivery

It’s not easy to offer same-day delivery with traditional delivery services. You must drop your package off at the shipper and send it through their system. Even if your shipper is fast, it may be at least a day before your product arrives.

That problem doesn’t exist with hot shot trucking. You can work with drivers who offer same-day delivery. As a result, you’ll have happier customers.

Test a Hot Shot Trucking Service Today

Hot shot trucking is a great way to make those short trips that need to get to customers on time. They don’t require you to have a full load or commit to regular deliveries.

Now that you understand more about hot shot trucking, you should have the information you need to decide. Start searching for trucking solutions today that can meet your unique needs.

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