What is Graphic Design: An Ultimate Guide to be a Graphic Designer

Many beginners think graphic design is easier to learn and master to make money from a wide variety of sources. And anyone can design compelling logos, designs, and artistic crafts. So, do you also think visual design is easier to learn and start earning money from that? 

You may think it is easier to do so, but there is a heck which you can learn by pursuing a course and practicing one design project. But it may and may not be as simple as it looks because the designing field is a creative industry. And only creative people with many innovative ideas can succeed. 

So, what is the actual graphic design, and how can one be the same? Thus, if you are looking to learn about offline and online graphic design courses, read this article to provide each essential you need to know to get started.

What is graphic designing?

Graphic design is not only about how it looks and how it feels and neither the combination of text and images that appeal to the world. However, visual design is more than this.

It represents how the design created for a particular purpose works and how it interacts to take the desired action. In short, graphic designing is visual communication that describes complex things most simply. Also, it helps visitors to find the essential and relevant things to them by fulfilling their needs.

What are the things that students master in graphic design training?

When students enroll in a graphic designing institute or any online course, then they learn fundamental concepts and visual grammar from scratch. Most of the students also learn 3D designing, Scripting, Multimedia, and flash. 

Aside from this, students can also be proficient in using photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, CorelDraw, and Indesign. If candidates go deeper into the courses, they also understand Lightroom, QuarkXpress, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap for their advanced training. 

Generally, different courses can have different curriculums. Thus, you should always choose a course that offers more value and information. 

career in graphic design

What is the career after completing graphic design training?

  • Graphic design certification can lead to many career opportunities, and students can benefit from several lucrative opportunities. 
  • After taking a graphic design course, the student can opt to be a junior or senior visual designer, multimedia programmer, art designer, and logo design expert. 
  • They can also be a graphic design trainer, business designers, jewelry designers, T-shirt designers, costume designers, web designers, and much more. 

If we talk about India, a starting-level graphic designer earns Rs 1.80.000 per annum to Rs 5,00,000 per annum. And after achieving several design projects and building stunning portfolios, they can also go over Rs 12,00,000 per annum. 

Designers in the UK make $54,218, and in the USA, these professionals can earn over $55,000 yearly. Thus, graphic designers are also getting well-paid professionals in these corporate industries. 

Who can be an ideal candidate to learn graphic design?

To become a designer, the person needs to have an artistic background or strong motivation to master graphic design skills comprehensively. Nowadays, students with 10th and 12th qualifications can take many visual design courses. 

If you are interested in creating designs, logos, and many other kinds of crafts to earn money. Then you can get enrolled in one of such courses because you can be an ideal candidate for these courses.

How much does learning graphic designing cost?

So, this is the question that most of the students ask before taking any visual design courses. The graphic design courses fees depend upon institutes to institutes and courses students choose. 

If we talk publicly, then a graphic or visual design course can cost Rs 10,000 to Rs 27,000 per course. The fee structure may fluctuate for certificate and diploma courses. Find this fee structure a bit costly. 

Look for several design blogs and Youtube channels to teach graphic design from scratch to pro. You need not spend even a single penny. You can also find many online courses with certificates that offer affordable designing courses.


So, graphic design is the art and science of creating visual graphics that communicate with the buyers and visitors to convert them into your customers. If you want to be a graphic designer, then you can have several passive money-making opportunities.

Because there is a huge demand for designers, and the supply is relatively more minor. Thus, to find suitable courses, you can look at google for diploma or certificate course graphic design and analyze the courses before getting started. 

Moreover, we hope you have understood all the information we provided in this article. If you still have any queries, then you can ask us in the comment session.