Ghostwriters: Professionals With Cutting Edge


What is a Ghostwriter?

Someone else does the writing for you. Allowing the book to be published under pseudonyms doesn’t limit their output; they’ve written best-selling books under the same name. Those words and the ghostwriter who will be responsible for crafting will be thought of as that With a unique skill set, even the most difficult tasks can be accomplished with our GhostWriters. Because of that, you no longer need to concern yourself with meeting your needs.

Professional Ghostwriters Create Different Types of Content

You can usually find ghostwriting services for everything. There are independent writers for everything, from books to startups to venture capital. Examples of things ghostwriting services:

  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Landing Pages
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Ebooks
  • Location Pages
  • Recipes
  • Video Scripts
  • Quizzes
  • Technical Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Title Tags
  • Product Descriptions
  • Amazon Descriptions
  • Web Pages
  • Other Online Writing

Why Use Ghostwriting Services?

So, why would you hire a ghostwriter in the first place? Hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide employ licensed ghostwriters daily for a variety of purposes. 

Professional Ghostwriters Save Time

Coming up with keywords, subject suggestions, and a content schedule takes up a lot of time for a content marketer or business owner, leaving no time for actual content writing. Since most content marketers and company owners don’t have enough time to devote to content writing on top of their other marketing strategies, most businesses fail to produce enough content.

You can offload all of the writing responsibilities to a competent ghostwriter, allowing you more time to strategize while still generating a large amount of content to feed your campaigns.

Professional Ghostwriting Services Save Money

When you consider the wages and benefits you pay your workers, adding more employees to manage the content quickly becomes prohibitively costly. When you factor in overhead, supplies, taxation, and administration expenses, you can see where we’re headed.

You can eliminate all of those additional costs by contracting material to a ghostwriting service and only paying for it when you need it. We conducted research and wrote a white paper on the cost advantages of outsourcing vs. in-house content production.

Professional Ghostwriting Services Have Other Benefits

The advantages of quality ghostwriting services go beyond saving time and money over hiring writers in-house or doing it yourself. In reality, some of the significant advantages can have long-term and far-reaching effects on your company’s overall viability.

1. Experts in SEO Optimization

A good ghostwriter understands SEO company practices, and they will be incorporated into the content. For example, ensure that your keywords flow naturally, that your headers are brief, and that your content is valuable will help your content rank higher in the major search engines, potentially increasing traffic to your web. You may not see these results right away, but if the ghostwriting is done correctly and the content marketing plan is sound, a single piece of content will bring in a lot of traffic and revenue over a long period.

2. You Get Full Rights to the Content

When you employ a ghostwriter, you get full ownership of the content, which means you can publish it under your name. This is particularly useful if you’re using the content for branding or business purposes because you’ll have complete control of how it’s used. In addition, this helps you establish yourself as an industry expert without putting all of the words together painstakingly.

Dedicated business owners and content marketers who can put together a list of bullet points and significant talking points to cover in the piece are some of the best ghostwriting examples of this. The project becomes more collaborative after that, ensuring that you convey the message you expected.

3. They Offer a Fresh Writing Perspective

The longer you work in a field, the more difficult it becomes to develop new ideas and insights on specific subjects. Having access to hundreds of ghostwriters helps solve this problem because each writer can bring a fresh perspective to an otherwise familiar subject.

Not only that but using ghostwriting services helps large companies that need experience in a variety of areas or geographical locations to tap into the diversity of hundreds of authors from various backgrounds and industries. This can be an immensely successful workforce to have behind the scenes with the proper management.

4. They Provide Efficient Production

Since ghostwriters live and breathe writing, their ability to produce high-quality content quickly is how they make money. This ensures that a competent ghostwriter can have much more than a full-time employee. Furthermore, there is no other way to scale content development as rapidly as using ghostwriting services in terms of size.

How Much Does A Professional Ghostwriter Cost?

The cost of a typical ghostwriter depends on where you want them to be located. The level of writing depends significantly on your approach to find a ghostwriter. Most ghostwriters charge between $0.05 and $0.10 word.05 per word, depending on the level of writing required. Most ghostwriters charge between a cent per word and $1 per word! It is a relief to know that content creation services offer quality ghostwriters and different writing styles for you, depending on your needs.