Find Top 8 Tips to Get The Best Price On Your Wedding Ring Set

Congratulations, you’ve decided to get married. Now you’re planning on buying a set of rings. You’re wondering how to get the best price on your wedding ring set. Here are some tips to help you find the best deals on wedding ring sets.

1. Budget

Start by setting a budget for your ring set. You’ll want to consider what your budget it and plan ahead by budgeting a little bit every month toward your rings. Keep in mind that it’s typical to spend about a month’s salary or a month and a half salary on a set of rings.

By setting a budget you’ll save even more. You’ll have cash and can ask for a cash discount and you can keep your eye out for special deals and take advantage of them when you find one. Start saving as soon as you know “this is the one”. That way, when you’re ready to ask her the question, you’ll already have the money saved up.

The more you’re able to set aside, the more bargaining power you’re going to have so set as much aside as you’re able and be prepared to ask for a cash discount. Start online or window shopping early so that you’ll have a fairly good idea of what the style of rings that you’re looking for go for.

Wedding Ring Set

2. Determine Her Taste In A Ring

There are many ways to find this out without asking her directly. Look at the jewelry she already wears. Observe her as she walks by displays of jewelry or sees a commercial on television. You can do this subtly and get a fairly good idea of her tastes without tipping your hand if you just observe.

Don’t be afraid to ask her family or close friends what her tastes are. Just ask them to stay quiet until you’re able to get the ring and ask her the question. Most family and friends will be more than happy to help you and find out for you.

3. Consider Alternative Options

There are no hard and fast rules that say you have to buy a diamond. There are many other great options out there for wedding sets that don’t include diamonds. Consider emeralds, sapphires, topaz, and other gemstones. You can also consider cubic zirconia and other substitute diamond stones.

In today’s modern world, there are many who opt for other options for a wedding set stone and they are all just as lovely as diamonds. She’ll love being different and in many cases, you can find out here favorite stone or birthstone and go that route.

4. Carat

This is the unit of measurement for the weight of a diamond. Most people know that size matters and that it’s not always better to have a larger diamond. Consider her hand size and maybe some smaller diamonds vs a large single stone.

This can save you a lot of money in the long run if you’re willing to consider several smaller diamonds vs one larger stone. Many of the smaller diamonds are less expensive yet still just as lovely as a single large solitaire.

5. Consider The Cut

Diamonds are cut to determine their brilliance and shine. Finer cuts are more expensive than others and you can often find a pretty stone that isn’t cut in a higher quality style for a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind that it’s usually only a jeweler that can really identify the fine cuts. The average person will just see a lovely diamond.

Consider getting a stone and a setting separate so that you can choose and be in more control of the diamond and the ring of your choice. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to buy the diamond and the setting at the same shop.

6. Consider Heirloom Jewelry

Many families have an heirloom ring that they like to keep in the family. Before you go shopping, ask your grandmother, mother, her mother, and grandmother and find out. This could save you a small fortune and it’s a fun token of love to have something from a loved one.

In some cases, you can also have these reset into a more modern setting. This is another way to save some money and maintain a piece of an heirloom. Just make sure that if you do this, you retain the setting or perhaps have another stone put into it so that she can cherish them both.

7. Color

Diamonds are also graded by their color. The color can range from almost no color (higher end price) to a yellow in color (less expensive), however, most people can’t tell the difference unless they’re an experienced jeweler.

Many diamonds also come with a certificate that shows the appraisal value of the diamond. This GIA certificate should have a number that is engraved on the ring somewhere, if it’s not on the ring, go to a GIA and have it inscribed immediately. That way, if you ever lose your stone, and someone finds it, you can make sure it’s the right one.

8. Don’t Give In To Hype And Comparison Shop

It’s easy to get carried away with an overzealous salesperson. After all, their job is to get you to spend top dollar. Go into the jewelry with a few ideas in mind and don’t let yourself be dissuaded.

You may wish to do some shopping online first and maybe even print out a few of your ideas so that you can compare. If you do find what you want, don’t be afraid to compare the prices between 2 competing stores. Ask for deals and if they can match a price of another store.

This is especially wise if one store offers more quality and better services than another. Many shops are eager to get your business and will go the extra mile to match apples to apples.

Following these tips will go far in helping you to get the best price on your wedding ring set. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day and Wedding Season (June) are the top times of year to find discounts.