Gemstones: Why Should You Choose to Wear Panna or Emerald Stone?

Emerald or Panna gem stone are regarded in Vedic crystal gazing in view of its amazing recuperating forces. This valuable gemstone that is a subordinate of a mineral known as Beryl, emerges in an engaging green shade and has a massive exhibit of medical advantages. Popularly known as Panna, the gemstone is associated with the prophetic planet Mercury or Buddha.

There is much that you should know about panna gemstone and you surely are going to love it. Of course, you can find the best quality gemstones at Khannagems once you need one. If you are wondering who can wear panna gemstone and what other things to know about this gemstone then read on.

The Birthstone

If you are born in the month of May then you can wear panna stone. It is the birthstone of the native who took birth in the month of May. So, in case you born in this month then you should know that gorgeous and tunning green color bright green is your birthstone.

The stone zodiac

Mercury is the ruling planet of emerald. Gemini and Virgo ruled by Mercury; hence , panna is the gemstone for such zodiac signs. In case you born between the dates of 21st May to 20th June and 21st August to 20th September then you may consider wearing this green stunning stone for betterment in your life.

Quick benefits of panna stone 

Many people have experienced the power of panna stone after wearing it. if you also want to feel the difference in your life then you must own the right panna or emerald stone. After all, you would not want to miss out on the benefits of this stone, right? Anyhow, there are many benefits of wearing panna stone and a few are like:

Better Concentration 

If you are weak at your studies or work and face the problem of concentrating then you should wear this amazing stone.  Panna stone improves the intelligence and concentration power of the wearer, especially student. This stone directly influence the grasping power of students and assists them to do good performance in exams. Of course, whether you are doing any job or preparing for a test; this gemstone is surely going to work on your concentration and hence get you the premium outcomes. 

Art Capabilities 

This is an ideal gemstone for the natives who work in the profession or creative area of art. If you want to make a career in music, fashion designing, painting, and interior designing etc, you should wear panna stone as it is a stone of Mercury planet. It is believed that Panna stone assists the wearer to get new ideas and inventions. With the help of this stone, being the wearer, you can beat the competition.

In other words , being the wearer of panna stone, you can distinctively see a boost in your creativity, linguistic skills, and even that of artistic talents. You will also be able to  envisage and innovate in a much more effective manner after wearing this gemstone. Therefore, if you need to work with ideas can immensely benefit from this stone.

Good communication 

Panna or emerald stone is also known as communication stone. This stone helped the wearer to express his views and thoughts in a better manner. Leaders, managers, public speakers, and even that of team leaders etc can wear this Panna stone to experience success in life. The good power and vibes of this stone augments the power of the leader and speaker. You might impress others with your powerful words and thoughts. You can easily clear the interview with this gorgeous stone. The stone would definitely work on your communication skills and hence you can excel at it. 

You Get Healing  in Your Life with Panna Stone 

The panna stone also has healing powers. In case you are suffering from allergies, respiratory diseases, skin related matters , and nervous disorders, you should wear Panna gemstone.

Boost Your Intelligence 

Once you wear the Panna stone, it results in intellectual progress as intelligence is the zone of Lord Mercury – The Ruler of this amazing gemstone. This planet helps you derive a balanced perspective, gives you better grasping power thereby getting a better understanding of life and its overall experiences. In case you are therefore infatuation for a superior intellect, you can count on the powers of this stone. After all, the gemstone will refine your intelligence level better intellect for sure.

Balance Emotion in Your Life with Panna Stone 

It is time that you sun away all sorts of emotional toxicity by selecting the Panna stone. If you have undergone bad personal experiences and have felt betrayed or cheated then you should seek guidance from an expert on the usage of the Emerald gemstone. This stone may help you heal your heart and empower your soul. You will feel better and may get help in finding out a path out of that toxic feeling.

Bring Warmth in Your Love Life 

Well, this stone is a connoisseur of love and relationship, Mercury. .Indeed, the ruling Lord of the panna or emerald stone is going to help you to restore the warmth and affection in your love life. You will feel a better level of warmth and love in your relations once you wear this gemstone. If you feel that your love life is going through hard times or you are getting no affection in return then you need to invest in a panna stone. You have no idea how beautifully it can transform your life.


To sum up, you should embrace a panna or emerald stone and experience the perks it has to offer you. You can get the best and purest stones from   and make sure that you have quality gemstone. It is time that you have a word with Pankaj Khanna, who has an experience of 30 years in the industry of gemstones. He will guide you in getting the refine and quality gemstones. You will get semi-government certified gemstones.